shopping cart.

shopping cart.
this week i’m still thinking about shirt dresses, because holy cow! they are everywhere! i’m also still thinking about all things gucci because gucci. i found this interview in the ny times with alessandro michele from gucci & demna gvasalia of vetements (and now balenciaga) pretty rad and inspiring. in the spirit of personal style, here are my favorite items this week.
  1. gingham! gingham is back, it’s around, it’s here. gingham is so cheerful and sunshine-y, which is just what i need right now. this gingham sundress from j. crew ($138) is probably my favorite spring dress so far. even if it is mighty summery.
  2. remember last week when i mentioned shirt dresses? well, the gods were listening. they are literally everywhere. zara has about 10 of them, pixie market too, so hows about this way neat open-arm pinstripe dress from palmer//harding ($431)?
  3. i’ve been thinking a lot lately about how cyclical fashion is, and how i always feel happier/smarter/cooler in vintage. i’ve been spending a lot of time looking at vintage shoes on etsy, and swooning over these suede prada mules ($98), these vintage glove heels from ysl ($149), and these sweet colored twine mules ($55).
  4. the perfect reversible satin bomber jacket is at zara ($169). i can’t even really look at zara right now because there’s too much and it makes me feel like my satorial head might explode.
  5. more gingham! more gucci! gingham meets gucci in a denim paneled shirt ($525)!
  6. so much embroidered denim floating around out there (a la stella mccartney and many, many more), but like everything, there’s nothing like real 70’s vintage. please, someone, buy this amazing 70’s wrangler jean jacket ($49) that is embroidered with a pot of gold and a rainbow. you will be my hero.
  7. okay, okay, these creatures of comfort maison pants ($299) are clearly “vintage inspired” but oh! they are beautiful.
  8. sometimes i see something that is such a blatant rip that i can’t believe my eyes. here is a dress that is not made by gucci.
  9. oh i love wicker baskets for spring! please buy this pretty pretty vintage one ($65) and wear it with a gingham dress and channel your inner dorothy.
  10. next up is my current obsession: a gucci belt. i’ve been ebay surfing for months, waiting for the perfect one to come along. in this time it seems that every street style fashion girl has beaten me to it, please see the photos above as evidence. here is one currently on the real real for $175. go ahead, beat me to it.
  11. as ever, the perfect black one piece swimsuit escapes me. here is a beauty from baserange ($150).
  12. apparently cowboy boots are a thing this year. all i can say is gucci ($225).  oh and how about these vintage 90’s red snakeskin ones ($68)? because it all comes back around one day.

the end.


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