april covet.

april covet.


april, friends. i say good riddance to march, it was a doozey. winter is finally over and i’m ready for some sunny days. here is my list o’ loves for april.

  1. i’ve been searching for the perfect pair of high waisted sailor jeans for what feels like my entire life. recently a whole crop have them have popped up, and i have loved them all, but i’m currently obsessing over these ones from creatures of comfort. they look like heaven to my eyes.
  2. i get the idea of investment pieces, i really do, but it is difficult at times to know what is worth investing in. will those celine espadrilles still be cool in 5 years? will the giant ruffled rosie assoulin off the shoulder top still kill me dead in 2 years?  will those vetements jeans still be the shit next year? will a blush silk kimono dress still be evvverything to me in 4 years or just seem like an insanely overpriced bathrobe? the answer is i don’t know! the answer also is that i can’t afford to gamble on such things. an example of a piece that i obsessed over and wanted sew very much to invest in is this amber dress by objects without meaning. i stalked it for months, months! and watched with heartache as it dropped to half price in a size 3 times too small for me. i prayed to the ebay gods that someone would part with it, to no avail. so the other day when i saw what appears to be the same dress on sale for a collaboration with urban outfitters for half the price of the original, i felt like i had been given a second chance.
  3. i’m crazy about brass pots and vases lately. looks wonderful.
  4. i love the love and lemons blog, so many cool, bright & colorful plant-based recipes. i can’t wait to check out the new cookbook.
  5. the rodarte & other stories collaboration is one that i’m pretty sure i will look back and regret not getting into, especially this silk pajama style top.
  6. i heart this bralet from topshop with gucci stripe trim. at this point i want all of my clothing to be trimmed in gucci stripes. it’s how i feel. about life.
  7. next is this real cool pergola from target, for setting out in the backyard and daytime drinking. we have no shade and nosy neighbors, so it feels like a win-win.
  8. i read in one of the magazines that this korean beauty product called j.one jelly pack is “like a corset for the face.” which sounds wonderful because shit is looking droopy over here.
  9. speaking of my sad old face: ysl dark circle corrector. because it needs correcting.
  10. speaking of ysl (minus the y), i am sure you are all aware that hedi slimane has left saint laurent. i feel like this “vintage” tiara from zara might be the thing to symbolize his legacy. hope you get the double meanings.
  11. last is this beautiful toddler bed from kalon studios. because my kid is getting big, and although we’re not there yet i can see the all the big kid stuff coming on fast.

the end.


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