march covet.

march covet.


i’m late! i’m late! not only is it march, it is march 11th, which makes me 11 whole days late. i probably don’t have a legitimate excuse, except to say that these are hard times. and i’ve been feeling pretty quiet, and a little lightness has been more than i could muster. but today i’m going to tell you about some pretty little things that have made me smile. because it’s friday. and spring is just around the corner. and winter can never last forever.

  1. i’m really, really crazy in love with this kimono coat from topshop. it’s just, exactly what i’ve been waiting for. soft wool, gray with the faintest lilac hue to it. to be worn over pants, a turtleneck, long sleeves, jeans, or on it’s own as a dress. pretty much perfection.
  2. i feel like i could devote this blog to talking about my love for alessandro michele’s gucci and pointing out all of the hundreds of ways that his collections have influenced everything and are now being copied by every freakin body, but i realize that probably nobody cares besides me. however! surely you’re aware of these holy gorgeous wholly great metallic gold crossover sandals, which i feared might be too fabulous to knock off but of course, it has been done. these rose gold heels from asos are pretty darn gucci fabulous. for about 1/10th the cost.
  3. i’ve been thinking a lot about cazuelas lately. because i’m a huge fan of the one-pot meal. and boy, are they pretty.
  4. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect simple black one piece swimsuit for a long arse time. i’ve been considering paying big fat bucks, trolling the fancy shops, and then h&m comes out with this guy for $29. boom. done and done.
  5. i recently paid money for a baggy of skincare samples. you know, the little teeny tiny bottles that you get for free with a purchase? yeah, i paid some ebay lady for a baggy full of ’em because i love to sample. if it comes in a little tiny bottle with print so small that i can’t even read it, i will slather it all over my face. one of the little bottles was of an eye cream from ysl. i’ve fallen in love. after using it once i was bright eyed and looked like way less of a zombie. unfortunately it costs $250 for 5 drops of the stuff, so i’m setting my sights on this wake up roll on that costs a far more reasonable $45 but still promises to de-puff and de-dark circle.
  6. next is a little yellow step stool because my son loves to step. and i’ll buy anything to see him smile and say, “what’s that?!”
  7. next up is pretty much the only thing that matters, to my soul. as you know, dear reader, my love affair with jesse kamm has been going strong for years. she recently put out her sailor pants in piscine blue, because she’s amazing and rad and lives to torture me, apparently.
  8. my way amazing hairdresser is moving to portland, so i had my final date with her last weekend. we had a bit of a close call while attempting to take my hair from rose gold to blonde-ish, and i spent a lot of time with her hair dryer. as i was using it i thought to myself, “is this what a hairdryer is supposed to do?” i’ve been using a crappy purple conair blowdyer from walmart for years, who knew they make ones that don’t make you look like you’ve been slightly electrocuted?!
  9. so i’ve been watching the vintage levi’s 501s flying around the interwebs at varying prices and seeing them get passed back and forth, woman after woman buying them blindly hoping this will be the pair that makes them look like a supermodel with buns of steel. there are all of these houses now taking 501’s and altering them so that ladies don’t look bowlegged. i love a little perky 501 butt as much as the next guy, but $304 is BONKERS.
  10. i don’t have to tell you again that maryam nassir zadeh is brilliant. i’ve been watching over the last year as her designs have been copied by large and small designers and trickled down the fashion food chain and it’s finally happened: h&m just released this suede block heel mule in 3 colors for $29. please don’t hate if you see me wearing them. i’d pay top dollar if i only could!

the end.

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