ready to wear.

oh what a week! this has been one of my more challenging weeks, filled with scary mom stuff and hmo bureaucracy b.s., so i’ve found myself drowning my sorrows in the collections. ny fashion week typically serves a couple of purposes for me, the first being inspiration and the second being inspiration. a good collection will always remind me of something that i love but have tucked away, like unearthing a cherished memory or remembering a beautiful dream. fashion week obliterates what is currently on my mind and replaces it with a totally new direction, and then offers up something that reminds me just why it was that i started doing what i’m currently doing. this week was no exception. i wasn’t really wowed by much, but i did feel all of those feelings that make me love fashion.

new york fashion week started off with saint laurent showing in los angeles of all places. for me there is always one collection that really nails it for me, that feels like an album full of hit songs that i’ll love forever. that show tends to be the one, and this week it was saint laurent (and this was just part 1 of the collection). the show really set the tone for the week: ankle length skirts, mixed materials, metallics, thick belts, victorian collars and cape sleeves, a little bit bowie, a little bit goth. nothing like the spectacle at marc jacobs or the amazing goth wedding party at rodarte, but it really appealed to my inner goth teenager. the blacks and vibrant crimson reds made me say, “oh yeah!” and snapped me out of my blush pink & sky blue coma.

if i learned anything this fashion week it is that red is not dead, that thick belts and long skirts are coming, and that there is a whole rainbow out there. if saint laurent made me re-think everything that i’ve been wearing, ulla johnson, borther vellies, co & rachel antonoff re-affirmed my love of desert tones and offered up even more from that palate (toothpaste blue, dusty burgundy and shades of ochre). a.p.c. reminded me to re-sole my knee high frye boots in order to tuck denim overalls into them post haste! and i realized that my recent thoughts about being over jumpsuits were dead wrong, i can still be wooed. all in all, a good week.

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