the bomb.

the bomb.
my love of the satin souvenir bomber jacket harkens alll the way back to pretty in pink. in recent years the bomber jacket has again found its place on the backs of teenage it girls. the show stopper for me, of course, comes courtesy of gucci. i’ve been seeing quite a few that are perhaps in the realm of the gucci models (or under their influence), so i thought i’d offer up 10 of my favorites, for the spring fever to come.
  1. of course one cannot compare to the original, and nothing really does. gucci has two models that really ring my bell: this amazing metallic leather number ($3500), and this amazing silk floral one that won’t be available for pre-order until april 30th, but will be fast fashionized by then for sure (also $3500).
  2. asos has this metallic netted bomber ($60) that is pretty much a ringer for gucci’s metallic bomber (even copies the signature knit web detail), except it’s, y’know, sheer mesh.
  3. i heart this pretty in pink embroidered silk bomber from muveil ($572), i feel like andie would totes approve.
  4. zara has this oversized silver metallic bomber ($99.90) that makes me feel like the days of cropped jackets might finally be done.
  5. keeping with metallics and dipping into another current trend, i found this vintage gold sequin bomber jacket on etsy ($75) that would look uh-mazing with all manner of bottoms.
  6. speaking of current trends, this one ($37.90) from trend factory (or trend sweat shop, probably) forever 21 is sequined and in the color of the moment: blush pink. cute as a lil’ cupcake.
  7. here is a bomber from urban outfitters that brings in yet another current trend: shearling ($59.99).
  8. topshop has this pretty pale pink satin bomber ($115).
  9. this amazing printed bomber is half off at mango ($59.99).
  10. last but really not least is this embroidered bomber from asos with pink sleeves ($112).

the end.

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