valentine’s day is probably my favorite holiday, perhaps because i am a born romantic. i love the idea of bright, sparkly, red hearts and pink champagne and fuzzy velvet covered boxes of chocolate and love notes all tied up in a big red bow right in the middle of winter. i love little kids cutting out construction paper and doilies and pasting them together, i love heavily frosted cupcakes and romantic comedies and sappy love songs. i love it all. my son also happens to be named henry valentine, and he is therefore my valentine for life. but my husband makes a pretty great valentine, too. and so, here are this year’s favorite valentine-y items.
  1. much as i love lingerie, i find this ruffle sleeved diamond hem cami to be so delicate and elegant and subtly sexy. might even beat a satin teddy.
  2. i love sending valentines in the actual mail. i especially love it when they say, “to my valentine” like this one.
  3. i love classic valentine’s gifts like perfume, and i’m dying to try out byredo’s line. this parfum sampler is dreamy.
  4. sweatshirts are pretty much my favorite thing. i heart this pink amour sweatshirt from need supply.
  5. there’s nothing more romantic than a record in my book. some of my favorites are a love supreme by john coltrane, i love you honeybear by father john misty, tunnel of love by bruce springsteen, blue valentine by tom waits, and let love in by nick cave. all highly romantic.
  6. this toufa ring from accompany is brilliant, beautiful and super romantic.
  7. pink leather ankle tie heels? a thousand times yes.
  8. chokers are back in (someone please tell anne boleyn), and this red heart one is killer.
  9. these, THESE are the jeans of my dreams! worth $2600? they just may be!
  10. pink headphones make me feel like a teenager, baby.
  11. a wristwatch is a wonderful gift, and this rose gold/blush one is pretty pretty.
  12. i love a cheek and lip stain combo, but benetint was developed for an exotic dancer in the 70’s so she could make her nipples as rosy as her cheeks and lips. that makes this a highly versatile item with a lot of bang for your buck, and who doesn’t love a practical gift?
  13. last is this beyond gorgeous blushed silk judo jumpsuit from datura. to go with your beyond gorgeous blushed silk kimono dress. because blushed silk is for lovers.

the end.

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