february covet.

february covet.
this probably marks the first time that i am actually celebrating the beginning of february. my family spent literally half of january battling the flu, which was pretty much a nightmare. i’m so glad to be done with it and with january. here’s to a new month, one not spent drowning in snot but celebrating sweethearts.
  1. so my obsession with blush pink continues, clearly. i am completely in love with this blushed silk kimono dress from datura, and dreaming of all of the ways that i could wear it every day of my life. over jeans, with ankle boots, with heels, over a turtleneck, lounging around the house, with sleeves rolled up and sandals in the summer, the possibilities are endless.
  2. about a year ago i settled on a crappy target rug for my living room that i wouldn’t have to worry about my toddler son destroying, and it is quite thrashed at this point. oh how i wish i could have a pretty rug like this turkish beauty.
  3. my blush obsession has spilled over to actual blush. i’ve taken to wearing blush as eyeshadow lately, and i’ve been looking for a good lip/blush combo. i love all things by charlotte tilbury, and this beach stick looks perfect.
  4. so, gucci, gucci, gucci. for months i’ve been completely over carrying a purse or bag of any kind, but lately i’ve been wanting a nice cross body bag. i came across this photo from reformation featuring this gucci cross body and it killed me dead. i am now on the hunt for a vintage gucci cross body on the cheap, because, well, $800.
  5. i’m also completely rachel comey obsessed right now. it’s difficult for me to choose a favorite of her incredible jeans, but i think these bishop jeans are it.
  6. it is my dream that some wealthy benefactor will gift my little family a trip to palm springs this winter, but another month is down and it’s not looking good. a pretty print from wildercalifornia on my wall might help to keep the dream alive.
  7. i recently ran out of my eyeliner and i’m feeling ready to move on to a new brand. alexa chung came out with this guy, and i’m willing to try anything that takes me somewhere within the realm of her fabulousness.
  8. how cute is this smeg tea kettle?!
  9. i am so crazy about the artist alberto burri, and while i wish that i could make it to the guggenheim to see the burri exhibit, this book is so, so cool.
  10. i’m always wishing that i had a beautifully decorated home with brilliant pops of color, but i look around and everything that i own is the same color of pale blue/gray. i’m thinking about this lovely diamond moroccan pillow.

the end.

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