january covet.

january covet.
oh january. always a rough one for me. as my dad says, “i’d prefer to go from early november to march and skip everything in between.” i agree totally. but i’m determined to make the best of this rainy, crazy cold winter. mostly by fantasizing about fancy tropical vacations that i cannot afford and by catching up on my reading. here is my list of dreamy items for january.
  1. it’s incredible how pants have become the thing over the past year. culottes are the new skirt, jumpsuits have replaced day dresses and pant suits have replaced party dresses. i have managed to acquire my fair share of pants, but i am really wanting these lightweight chambray, high waisted charlie pants from american apparel. they really appeal to my 70’s sensibilities.
  2. all of my vacation dreaming involves me near a body of water in the warm sun (instead of bundled under 5 pounds of fleece & flannel, downing vitamin d tablets with hot tea). the perfect black one piece bathing suit is totally required for my dreamy dream vacay. this one from bona drag has a high neck to cover up the weird flock of little freckles that suddenly overtook my chest last summer. it’s also gorgeous.
  3. after turning 35 (and having a baby) i realized that i was going to have to get serious about my skin. gone are the days of falling asleep with my makeup still on or leaving the house (or the bathroom) bare faced. shit gets real after 35, my friends. my bathroom is now filled with little jars that contain the words “firming” “brightening” “anti-aging” and “corrective”  on their labels. i recently bought something from the bionova line and have been pretty blown away. my skin looks way, way less scary and i’m pretty much hooked. i want the whole kit because i would like my skin to look not at all scary.
  4. much as i loathe winter i am looking forward to my favorite part of spring: flowering trees. there is pretty much nothing that makes me feel like more of a starry eyed, hopeful little girl than big blooming pink magnolias, cherry blossoms and dogwood tress. seeing the pre-order options for these trees at nurseries keeps me going.
  5. as you know, dear reader, i was a teenager in the 90’s and little did more for my teenage soul than courtney love. nastygal is launching c.love’s first ever clothing line collaboration next week, and i got all teary eyed nostalgic over their recreation of this babydoll satin number in my favorite piscine blue. she was wearing said dress when i saw her, stumbling drunk and stark raving at lollapalooza 1995. thems truly were the days.
  6. did i mention espadrilles? i must confess that i, in a bleary eyed moment of post-holiday sale madness, recently purchased a pair of celine black leather espadrille wedges, but did this satisfy my hunger? nope. i am cyber stalking this pair from topshop because i wanna ankle tie. all summer long.
  7. next up is towels. lame, i know, but i recently realized that little household items are fabulous ways to satisfy my longing for trendy clothing. case in point is my recent craving for a fuzzy faux fur coat in cotton candy, salt water taffy pink. being that the holidays (and their sales) are over and i am now of sound mind, i recognize that such a hot look is not likely to last more than one season. and so, i am considering a nice set of soft, fuzzy bathroom towels in cotton candy, salt water taffy pink.
  8. last is a new book, because i’m all about living vicariously this winter. i just plowed through sarah hepola’s blackout: remembering the things i drank to forget (highly, highly recommended) and i’m on to thee joan didion biography next. after that i am really ready for some good fiction, and i heard tell that elisa albet’s after birth is amazingly real. i haven’t found many novels about motherhood since becoming a mother, so i’m super excited to read this one.

the end.


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