a word or two…


i’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of the blog. this is something that has changed dramatically over the past couple of years, with the introduction of sites like instagram and pinterest. people no longer take photos and edit them in some fashion to put into a blog, it’s all done for you via your smart phone on social media sites. what blogs remain are those that have found success by way of thousands of followers, and are therefore sponsored in some way.

i think it’s great that people are compensated for their writing or photography. i honestly do. but lately i’ve felt so honestly sick of reading through sponsored post after sponsored blog post about products products products. and yes, the bulk of what i write about are things to buy! but no one is paying me. i started this particular blog because i am a girl who always wanted to be fashion girl who worked for sassy in the 90’s that put together articles on where to get the best jeans or how to dress like winona ryder because you live in ohio and you can’t shop on melrose. but times have changed. we’ve all become mega web consumers. and before this turns into some kind of rant against sponsored blogs, let me find my point…

my point is i’m afraid i may be missing from my own blog. when i look back on those abandoned blogs i see people in them. actual people, not salesmen. people who are speaking to their friends or to themselves even, not some mass audience. their photos are like journal entries instead of “curated” collections of perfect little things against white backgrounds. they are grainy or not perfectly lit at times but they are soulful.

so it is my resolution to say more and show more of myself because i like the sound of my own voice, or i used to, and i would like to find that voice again. i present to you a grainy, somewhat poorly lit snapshot of a late afternoon mimosa, one drunk impulsively during an unexpectedly long nap by my son and husband.

that is all. happy new year.


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