iconic: georgia o’keefe.

iconic: georgia o'keefe.
a few years ago i had the great fortune of getting to live just outside of santa fe, new mexico for a few months. during that time i visited the georgia o’keefe museum and her home on a few occasions. i remember what an impression georgia o’keefe the woman made on me. seeing her home, watching short films about her life and seeing so many incredible images of her affected me in a way that her paintings never had. i have a much different view of her art now that i know more about her, and now that i have lived in new mexico. the image of her above is one of my favorites: traipsing along a river in new mexico with her trusty parson’s padre hat on, in a simple shirt dress and flats with camera in hand. i thought i’d point to a few options to re-create this really great look.
  1. o’keefe wore her parson’s padre matador hat often, but they are rare these days. i recently found this incredible matador hat by yves saint laurent circa 1980’s and had to swoon. if $780 is out of your price range, urban outfitters has this felt matador hat on sale for $30.
  2. o’keefe’s simple white shirt dress looks amazing blowing in the breeze. she was always one for a crisp white button down, buttoned all the way up. i love this white shirt dress from one of my favorite labels: baserange ($276 via bona drag). forever 21 also has this simple pleated shirt dress for $27.90.
  3. here is a book called georgia o’keefe and the camera, which tells the story of the many portraits taken of georgia o’keefe by photographers (most notably her husband alfred stieglitz) throughout her life.
  4. it’s hard to say what type of camera o’keefe is using in this photo, but my personal favorite is the leica m. here is one for $6380 via amazon.
  5. o’keefe frequently wore loafers or little ballet flats. i like to think that she’d go for these ones from topshop ($45).

the end.

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