what i want to wear, now.

what i want to wear, now.
lately i’ve been feeling a bit uninspired, outfit wise. it’s cold. it is cold and windy and sometimes rainy and i hate it. it’s not even officially winter and i am already so sick of winter. i have been watching travel shows and lurking on airline websites for tickets to warm weather destinations and even swimsuit gazing, but all in vain. this year’s holiday parties made me realize that i am no longer capable of suffering through an evening in sky high heels, nor am i comfortable in mini length anything these days. it’s become clear lately what i don’t want to wear, so i thought i’d put together a little list of what i do want to wear.
  1. denim judo kimono. i don’t really feel like i have to say more.
  2. my love of levi’s 501s harkens back to the days of beverly hills 90210 and to the pair that i wore in high school, literally, until the hole in the crotch was so enormous that it was obscene to wear them. it is honestly true that once you find the perfect pair, you want to wear them every dang day. i’m still searching, but in my fantasy dreamland they look a lot like this. only a lot cheaper.
  3. i’m not much of an earring person, and especially not since having a baby (who loves to pull), but i can’t deny how gorgeous these lila rice crescent hoops are. completely, utterly gorgeous.
  4. i’ve been thinking a lot about this whole off the shoulder top trend comeback and i think it’s great, just probably not for me. i do however fully love this kasha cut out shoulder dress, which is a subtle and classy way to show a little shoulder and instantly made me think of the infamous hillary clinton donna karan dress. done and done.
  5. i continue to be amazed at how carrie bradshaw still dictates fashion trends. case in point is the puffy fringe sweater. they are everywhere: big acrylic sweaters with tassels and pony fringe. i have a few favorites (ryan roche always has my heart, and this very bradshaw-ish one is rad) but i’m currently hearting this turtleneck from farrow.
  6. it’s been a few months now and i’m still dreaming about these forest plank pants from samantha pleet. they are truly dreamy.
  7. my current favorite designer is caron callahan. i’m so over the moon for her handsome clothes, they all fulfill my fantasy of outfits that i think lee krasner or georgia o’keefe might wear. i am especially crazy about this munroe dress in mustard.
  8. i’m feeling really bummed that i missed out on these jeffery campbell faux maryam nassir zadeh heels in my favorite blue suede. i feel like they would complete me.
  9. i’ve been wanting an apron dress since seeing this beautiful traveling pinafore dress by electric feathers, but alas, $655 is not happening. free people has this great indigo denim apron dress that really has my eye.
  10. last are the dreamy dream shoes of the summer, because i so-oh-oh wish it were still summer. these castaner canvas wedges are divine.

the end.


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