suit up.

suit up.
this morning i came across this suit from creatures of comfort, and it made me cry. actual tears. i realize that this makes me sound beyond bonkers, but there it is. i love clothes. i love clothes so much that they make me cry actual tears. this is, however, a fairly rare occasion. i tend to just swoon or obsess over clothes. but when i come across something so brilliant and bang on, something that expresses everything that i am feeling about color and texture, about what has moved me and hit me in the gut and stuck to my ribs in art and music and film and landscapes, when i see that before my eyes it produces tears. jade lai did it to me again this morning, and i had to talk about it. because right now the female suit is having a moment. and i love, love, love a suit. from kim novak’s infamous gray suit in vertigo to patti smith to lauren hutton to diane keaton to queen of the white suit bianca jagger, it is hard to find a more handsome and elegant look. so here are a few that have caught my fancy.
  1. the female tuxedo is a pretty hot look, and topshop has this satin trim tux that is pretty gorgeously tailored. $235 via topshop.
  2. 1970’s suiting involved high waisted trousers with long tunics, which looks wonderful to my eyes today. i am also crazy about emerald green. this vintage tunic pants suit is $30 via etsy.
  3. there’s no reason that a suit has to be stuffy or boring. pixie market makes the case for this with this brilliant twist tie bow top ($76) and black lace culottes ($82).
  4. next up is the creatures of comfort suit that stops my heart: the lloyd jacket ($667) and maison pant ($403) in sahara terracota, which is officially my new favorite color.
  5. another modern take is this cape blazer from lavish alice ($56), and it comes in black, white and bright crimson red. it’s a pretty great affordable alternative to the incredible double faced wool crepe jacket from delpozo (if you don’t have $2000 to spend on a blazer). i also think the white version would look pretty stellar over this ivory coco jumpsuit from rachel antonoff ($185 via bona drag).
  6. there is no-thing wrong with a classic blazer like the thompson blazer from j.crew ($178). i love the white version with a beautiful lightweight white pant, like the andy pant from jesse kamm ($395 via need supply).

the end.


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