december covet.

december covet.december is here! thanksgiving was chaotic and to be honest, i’m glad it’s over. we decided that we’re going to have a super low key christmas this year, but december is still looking busier than i usually like. how did everybody do with sales mania? i made out pretty good. i’ve been cleaning out and re-building my closet over the last year and i feel like it’s coming together. i’ve been avoiding hot trends and ultra fast fashion and trying to get real about what i feel good wearing. it’s a process, because i’m a leo and clothes are it for me. here is what i still have my eye on, for the last month of this crazy year.
  1. i’ve been on a sparkling rose kick lately. pink champagne makes me feel both old timey and fancy, which is how i like to roll.
  2. i realize that saying this makes me kind of jerk: but it has been unbearably cold in california lately. i’ve taken to spending most of my days in layers of sweats (ugh), and hiding under piles of blankets. i’ve also become a bit of a tea addict. i’ve been eyeing this neat-o electric tea kettle, so i can keep it going all day.
  3. i’m patiently awaiting this beautiful book about one of my biggest style icons: kate bush. this book is supposed to be filled with previously unseen photos of her. can’t wait.
  4. i recently read about this cleanser from bionova, which someone described as taking years off of her face. it supposedly uses nano-complexes, but whatever, i’m all for anything that makes my face look better than a busted old tire.
  5. i’m really not a christmas ornament person, but one of my dearest friends invited me to a party and asked that i bring a christmas ornament. i’ll be tinkering with some this week, but here is a really cool idea: natural history ornament set.
  6. so i’m really utterly crazy over desert tones right now. all that i want to wear are dusty pinks and powder blues and iron oxide reds and tobacco and dust colors, with some white splashed in. i love this denali blanket scarf in adobe pink.
  7. every night when my husband gets home from work i have to apologize for looking like a homeless person. i’m typically wearing 3 layers to try to keep my teeth from chattering. the next logical step for me is to get some thermal long underwear. luckily american apparel makes some prettier ones.
  8. madewell has this seriously rad cashmere sweater with a detachable turtleneck in ivory, which makes it almost versatile enough to warrant spending $228. right?
  9. speaking of beautiful things that i cannot afford: i am over the moon for these alpaca and silk pants from base range. they are the loveliest alternative to sweat pants my eyes ever did see.
  10. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect rust colored hat, and this hall mid brim guy from need supply feels like it might be the one.
  11. so powder blue is my new obsession. i’m so in love with it, it’s my new goes with everything color. i’ve been really not into carrying a purse or bag lately, but i love a pretty clutch. this vintage 50’s powder blue satin one kills me.
  12. the last time i was at kitkitdizzi in nevada city i tried this fat & the moon lip paint in clay idol. it blew my mind. it lasts forever, doesn’t dry out or over saturate your lips, and the color was bang on.
  13. last up is my current dream shoe, the one that i dream of while nestled in under 17 pounds of wool at night: maryam nassir zadeh’s penelope slide in off white. in these dreams i am of course the kind of girl that can fully afford a $400 pair of shoes. those are the best dreams.

the end.



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