she & him.

she & him.
the holidays are upon us, my friends. it is the time of year that my husband and i ask each other, “what do you want for christmas?” which is usually followed by, “ughh….i don’t know….” shopping for your partner in crime can be a daunting task, especially if you live together and have amassed a certain amount of collective “stuff.” it can also be tough to know what to get for a couple that you consider awesome. i personally love seeing all the lil’ gift guides that come out at this time of year, but i was thinking to myself that i never see couples gift guides. there are gifts for him and gifts for her and rarely do the two collide. so i thought i’d put one together. just for yukks.
  1. my husband and i have had the strange experience recently of being on the hunt for the same pieces of clothing. this winter we’re both on the lookout for the perfect turtleneck sweater (his a la hemingway, mine a la patti smith), and a classic trench coat (his a la steve mcqueen,  mine a la kate bush). i was thinking that the trench coat is a pretty fantastic gift to get your significant other: whether male or female there’s really nothing more classic or practical yet sexy. for her i love this sayaka jacket from need supply ($128), and for him this lightweight trench from asos ($127).
  2. continuing the theme of wearable items, i love a beret on both a man and a woman. for her, topshop has this wool beret ($30), and for him village hat shop has a wool beret too ($14.95).
  3. whether you’re male or female there’s nothing cooler than a good old fashioned bandana in my book. i found a couple of really cool updates to the original: for him this pendleton national park bandana is way rad ($12), and for her this eye heart you bandana from poppy lissiman is adorbs ($21).
  4. i tend to think a watch is a smart gift, so you’re never late for a date. for him this camper watch ($38) is cool, and this heart watch from american apparel ($30) is a sweet one for a lady.
  5. it’s tough to go wrong with booze, because who doesn’t need a drink this crazy time of year? for her i love veuve clicquot brut rose ($70) and a pretty gold tinged stemless glass like this one from pier 1 ($10). for him a bottle of bourbon ($30) and a classic gold rimmed old fashioned glass (set of 4, $79.95) is a rad gift.
  6. last is his & her coffee table books. 4 that i love are: the big bad book of bill murray ($12.62), the rolling stones taschen book ($150), eames ($11), and chloe sevigny ($22). these are gender neutral as far as i am concerned!

the end.


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