songs from a room.

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02168f558019b601501e56f0bd35643f  eric-clapton-hotel_41105_600x450

11_cassavetes-theredlist  tumblr_ndqnp0zvUF1sgsrdio7_1280

 3b9c1aeabb90bf94242237057d9ab9a8  Movie-Projector-in-the-Bedroom.


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 Paul-Newman-with-Joanne-Woodward-in-Kitchen  tumblr_m6qfc7iTo71rn3ugwo1_500

tina_turner_2003_05_05_zpsc8devz2m  bissinger-1

i always love to get a glimpse into the houses of people that i admire. there’s always something intimate and cool about seeing a famous person photographed in their own home. i always look around and notice all of the little items around them and think about their style, and wonder how much they put into decorating their house. above are some of my favorite photos of people at home. these photos were all nabbed from the tumblr-verse, which is notoriously awful about  not crediting photographers. i hope that the photographers above will forgive me.

  1. frida kahlo in bed
  2. kurt cobain in bed
  3. lee krasner & jackson pollock in their kitchen
  4. eric clapton in his living room
  5. jon cassavetes, gena rowlands & nick cassavetes in their living room
  6. patti smith in her room
  7. courtney love in her living room
  8. sofia coppola in her bedroom
  9. chloe sevigny in her bedroom
  10. joan didion in her living room
  11. bob dylan and his children in their living room
  12. keith richards and patti hansen in their bed
  13. paul newman & joanne woodward in their kitchen
  14. jane birkin & her daughters in their kitchen
  15. tina turner in her kitchen
  16. henry miller in his study

the end.


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