party girl.

party girl.
it’s been a rough few days at our house.  i managed to pretty much avoid getting sick, thanks to my trusty arsenal of remedies, but sadly my toddler is not privy to all my cures. he won’t touch ginger, doesn’t drink tea and he does not gargle. my husband and/or i have spent the last 3 nights camped out on his bedroom floor, so we’re all sleep deprived and sick of being sick. i’m dreaming of far more glamorous times, and since holiday party season is coming i thought i’d tell you all about my favorite ways to go out fancy this year. much as i love a nice sequined party dress, i thought i’d offer something a little different.
  1. i fully swooned over isa arfen’s ruffles at fashion week, and of course gucci also did a red ruffle dress. i feel like brilliant red is a rad way to go all the way for an xmas party, and pixie market has this red ruffle dress for $139.
  2. hands down my favorite party dress is this metallic pleated one from topshop for $160. it’s equal parts christopher kane and of course gucci. did i mention gucci rules the world right now? yep.
  3. next is this beautiful crushed velvet bodycon dress from urban outfitters for $79. while i find it highly gorgeous to show pretty pale winter skin, i’d probably wear this over a black turtleneck. because all the kids are doing it.
  4. the gucci pleated gold lame skirt is perfect for a holiday party, i found this vintage version for $60 on etsy, perfectly styled with a little black camisole and beret.
  5. i love this pretty black dress from samantha pleet, that would also look fabulous over a turtleneck. on sale for $287 via bona drag.
  6. another classic looking tea length dress is this robe dress from lilith, on sale for $239 via baby and co.
  7. how about one more tea length beauty: the pleats dress from black crane. on sale for $150 via totokaelo.
  8. i feel like a good investment piece is the peg lounger from lauren manoogian. it can easily be dressed up for a party with heels and a belt, or worn over a turtleneck. on sale for $193 via bona drag.
  9. my inner goth girl can’t get enough velvet at christmas, and this vintage norma kamali dress with a sheer lace skirt is brilliant. $94.50 via etsy.
  10. speaking of velvet, i’m so crazy about this two in one velvet cord romper that comes with a little neck tie blouse. so cute with tights and heels for a party. $115 via topshop.
  11. last up is a suit! in black or white, i love a lady in a tuxedo. jacket $54.99 and pants $34.99 from h&m.

the end.

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