gucci gucci.

gucci gucci.

i feel like gucci is sort of having a moment right now, in the way that celine did with their fall 2014 collection or marc jacobs did with his spring 2011 collection, or saint laurent did in spring 2014. or like miu miu did in fall 2011 or magical rodarte did in fall 2011, for that matter. but i digress, dear reader. gucci’s cruise and fall/winter collections pretty much killed it. there’s a sort of a margot tennenbaum in 1960’s london vibe to it all. wild plays on fabric and prints (silk interior design inspired dresses, metallic leather & lurex), ruffles & puffy shirts, pleated skirts, bright berets and knit pom hats (that are pure wes anderson). embroidery, lace, leather & fur. it’s all about texture. i’ve been seeing lots of gucci-esque items popping up, so i’d thought i’d blog about it.

  1. firstly is the it skirt right now, the gold lurex plisse skirt that is seemingly everywhere. gucci was certainly not the only house to do a metallic pleated skirt, but more than one it girl and fashion maven hath been seen rocking the gucci skirt. i could point you to more than one fast-ish fashion versions, but i thought instead that a vintage version would be cooler. isn’t vintage always cooler? yep. over on etsy you can find this 80’s version for $85, or this amazing donna karan version for $68.
  2. next are the berets. gucci’s wool felt beret in versatile sand and red leather beret look so amazing that they completely own the look. most everyone has a wool beret (topshop has this one for $30) right now, but the leather version is trickier. etsy has them covered: here is one for $70 and a vintage one for $25.
  3. next is gucci’s beyond awesome pajama inspired wool jacket. you can find a similar one over at pixiemarket for $139.
  4. next is their leather lace up boot, which has started a maje trend, all i see these days are lace up ballet flats. topshop has a ringer for the boot for $120.
  5. last is their fully rad crackle leather bomber jacket. tough to find a metallic bomber, but asos has a silver metallic bomber jacket for $108.

the end.

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