the mom-iform.

the mom-iform.

as you know, dear reader, i’ve been pretty much obsessed with jesse kamm and particularly her kamm pants for ages. she recently came out with the kamm pant in a whole new range of colors for fall, which has killed me dead. i’ve also been thinking a lot about building a better wardrobe. the last year has been a lot of de-cluttering, and about focusing on quality over quantity. i’ve been doing my best to break up with fast fashion in favor of investing in really great pieces. i’ve also been trying to get real about what works for me as i am: a 37 year old stay at home mom. my limited resources make many of the pieces that i would love to own unrealistic, so finding the balance can be tricky. as such, i thought i’d put together a few options for what i consider the perfect day to day uniform, and two pieces that are major staples: the sailor pant and the black turtleneck.

  1. let’s start with my ultimate dream outfit from our friends at orobo: the kamm pant in iron oxide ($395) and the simple turtleneck from creatures of comfort ($300). two of my favorite designers together in one perfect ensemble.
  2. next up is a slightly less expensive option: rachel comey’s bishop pant (on sale for $167) and the building block turtleneck from kowtow clothing ($85). both of these pieces are made in the usa, with 100% cotton, which makes them worth that pretty penny. comey’s bishop pant is also available in this gorgeous brass color ($368), which is insanely pretty for fall.
  3. next up are these completely swoon-worthy plank pants from samantha pleet ($189). i’m partial to the forest green version but they also come in sea foam, white and black, and i can see wanting them in every color as much as i can the kamm pant. i recently came across this charming article by rachel syme on black turtlenecks and it made me so, so happy that i am now on the hunt for a jil sander turtleneck of my own (they can be found on ebay in the $70 range).
  4. lastly is the fast fashion version of this outfit, compliments of topshop. these popper culottes (on sale for $35) are pretty on point, and this turtleneck bodysuit ($38) is ideal for wearing under high waist pants. might i also suggest american apparel’s turtleneck ($32), which is made in los angeles, sweatshop free, and won’t break the bank.

the end.


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