a plan.


i’ve been working on meal planning around here and boy, it is a process for me. i get overwhelmed by the idea of shopping for an entire week, and i find that my moods and particularly the weather can throw me off of what i had planned out. an unseasonably warm day can quickly derail my plans for soup, or a particularly hectic day can make an elaborate enchilada fall to the wayside in favor of large glugs of wine and popcorn. i find that i need to break the week up, keep it short and keep it simple. on monday and thursday i take a look at the next few nights and plan for them, and i tend to grocery shop on tuesday and friday. this has proved to be way less maddening than trying to plan it all on a friday and then shop on monday for the whole week. i do find that setting aside a little time to look over my favorite cookbooks is inspiring, and that making a shopping list keeps me on track when i hit the store. here is an example of a week:

monday: black bean & sweet potato chili

tuesday: bbq lentils with polenta & sauteed spinach

wednesday: frozen tamales with beans & saffron rice

thursday: potato gorditas with leftover beans & rice

friday: quinoa stuffed bell peppers

saturday: dinner out: sushi

sunday:  moroccan chickpea stew

the end.


2 thoughts on “a plan.

  1. Kimmi Shedden says:

    I had to laugh at your “an elaborate enchilada fall to the wayside in favor of large glugs of wine and popcorn.” So funny. Improvisation is fine! My good intention of making a hearty veggie soup recently metamorphosed into a can of campbells tomato soup with macaroni tossed in!

    • actuallyjessica says:

      ha ha. I once made some salsa roja chicken in the pressure cooker only to find that I had no rice or any starches to go with it, except for a bag of fritos. So it was salsa roja nestled on a bed of fritos. It was way good.

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