the theory of opposites in fall fashion & astrology.

the theory of opposites in fall fashion & astrology.
in astrology each zodiac sign has an opposite. i like to describe astrological opposites as having the same ultimate goal, but going about it in opposite ways. there are huge similarities between opposite signs. as i was thinking about current fashion trends i noticed some similar themes, and i’ll be danged if they don’t all kinda fit the zodiac signs. and so, dear reader, i thought i’d combine my two passions: astrology and fashion. you’re welcome.
aries: aries is all about me. they are energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, and they are doers. an aries never has idle hands, so the boiler suit is the trend of choice. this boiler suit by aries (of all designers) is sassy and tough, just like an aries.
libra: opposite sign libra is centered on we instead of me. libra gets overalls, which can be dressed down or up or any way you like it, so that chameleon libra can dress to impress whoever they are with.
taurus: taurus’s trend is the loafer. taurus is all about physical and financial security, and they love showing off their success. these kangaroo fur lined gucci loafers are both practical and luxurious, perfect for taurus.
scorpio: scorpio on the other hand is all about emotional security, and their reputation as the sexy sign is only because they go allll the way for love. i’m giving them the thigh high boot trend, and these stiletto lace up ones are for those deeply committed scorps who aren’t afraid to get a little freaky. for love.
gemini: geminis are like little sponges for knowledge. they want all the information from every source around, and their tastes can vary from hour to hour. for gemini i’m going with the patchwork poncho, and this incredible chloe poncho is as bright and all over the place (and yet somehow works) as a gemini.
sagittarius: opposite sign sag is all about the quest for wisdom instead of knowledge. sagittarians are about ideals over gemini’s ideas. they are also the only sign that is half man, half beast: there is always the inner struggle between their philosophical mind and their animal instincts. for sag i am going with the faux fur trend, and this little faux fur vest from bb dakota is the perfect pony hair for the beautiful horse ladies out there.
cancer: sweet cancer is the emotional core of the zodiac. ruled by the moon, cancers are all about the emotional world. they are also perhaps the most nostalgic of the signs, so i am giving them the most retro of the current trends: the 70’s high waisted flare jean.
capricorn: opposite sign capricorn is centered on the physical world. they are the work horses, the entrepreneurs and over achievers of the zodiac. they are ambitious but modest, practical and determined and all about hard work. for capricorn i am going with the boyfriend jean: something they can get down and dirty in.
leo: leos are centered on personal values: their likes, loves, needs and wants, their circle of friends and family and of course their outfit. leos love to shop, love to get dressed, and aren’t afraid to try the latest trend or to show a little skin. and so, for leo i am going with the crop/bandage top.
aquarius: opposite sign aquarius is centered on the collective instead of leo’s personal focus. they are all about the community, the greater good, the big picture and contrary aquarius tends to buck trends and reject the more flashy looks that leos go for. for aquarius i’m going with the bottom half of this outfit: the a-line skirt. simple yet smart, sexy in a subtle way, a bit mysterious in what it leaves to the imagination, and extremely versatile, just like an aquarius.
virgo: poor virgos have a reputation for being anal-retentive and uptight, but they are capable of incredible physical self-sacrifice. virgos are the missionaries, the volunteers, and the worker bees. for virgo i am going with the turtleneck, which is practical, classic, and modest, just like a virgo.
pisces: opposite sign pisces, on the other hand, is capable of incredible emotional self-sacrifice. these are the nuns, monks, junkies and suicides. they are also the great healers, artists, and often savants. for pisces i’m going with the off-the-shoulder trend, a long sleeve with those pretty exposed petite lady shoulders is perfect for highly sensitive pisces.
the end.

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