october covet.

october covet.

no idea how, but suddenly it is october. october of all things! what in the world? i’m not exactly feeling the full fall vibe, but i am starting to lean in that direction. i am definitely in some kind of nesting mode, and wanting to change things up around the house. and of course there are outfits on my mind. here’s my love list for october. of all things!

  1. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect striped button down a la apiece apart and of course zara has this one, which appears to be just the right amount of boxy.
  2. the first time i laid eyes on caron callahan’s stewart pant i was flooded with that “gotta have ’em” feeling and it hasn’t left me since. they are sold out everywhere, and understandably. i believe them to be pretty much the perfect jean.
  3. it is my dream for the future that my husband and i have actual date nights. in this dream i am of course wearing highly cute outfits. i am really trying to break up with fast fashion, but i have to admit that these little flutter tops from zara are kinda the best. they are a great alternative to an itty bitty crop top because they give you a little coverage and a little room if you are not a 22 year old waif. i love to tuck them in to high waisted jeans or wear them over a high waisted skirt, like this amazing metallic pleated midi skirt from topshop.
  4. pretty much obsessed with dries van noten ankle boots.
  5. now that it’s getting dark helllla early i’m on the hunt for a rattan pendant lamp. i’m really digging this one.
  6. i recently bought this blur perfector from ysl, mostly because it comes in the prettiest little compact ever. it is a totally amazing thing, it smoothes out all the pores and shizz. now i’m really wanting this highlighting powder in this awesome sparkly glitter compact. gimme all the ysl.
  7. i’m really into velcro rollers these days, because fancy hair is the jam. i heart these sparkly gold ones that you can sleep in.
  8. i’ve been wanting a pair of deerskin loafers for the past couple of winters, but i never seem to bite the bullet and shell out the bucks. i love these wheat patterned ones from manitobah.
  9. i’m going to do my best not to spend the next couple of months on an all out pumpkin bender. but i mean, pumpkin bark!
  10. i’ve been really into pottery lately, and wanting some different wine glasses, and here are these gorgeous ceramic wine cups. done and done.
  11. we (and by “we” i mean my husband) just moved around and out pretty much all of our furniture, and i’ve been wanting to find a little not quite nightstand to keep a couple of books on. i really love these little raw, unfinished stump stools from kalon studios, and these little folding stools from skagerak.
  12. last is this completely gorgeous ruth coat from town clothes. my dream coat of all dream coats.

the end.

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