moving indoors.

moving indoors.
now that fall is here, i’m getting my usual nesting pangs and wanting to spruce up the house. we recently inherited some pretty amazing mid-century furniture from my grandparents, and i’m excited about getting it moved in and some of our less desirable furniture out. my son is also getting to the age where he’s not so hell bent on tearing everything apart, and pulling every little thing out of every little drawer. he still loves to pull books off of shelves, but he’s much better about not pulling on plant leaves and tossing around pots and pans. this gives me hope for a future home where everything is not locked away above waist level. here are items i am wishing for.
  1. i am really digging the exposed shelving look lately. as much as i try to avoid ikea, these simple wall shelves are really cool. i also like these little reclaimed wood shelves from urban outfitters (although my husband could make some that are way cooler).
  2. having a toddler has made me appreciate baskets so, so much. there’s no better way to deal with the madness of millions of little toys than to have baskets around. the ones that i have are looking pretty rough, and these lidded neon baskets are so gorgeous.
  3. my husband and i have been talking about getting rid of our poor old couch that is stained from teething baby drool and various spills and getting a pair of chairs. we love these wingback chairs from ikea (although we are waiting for a used one on craigslist) and i so love this mid-century style wood framed chair from joybird.
  4. we’re feeling like it’s safe to have a coffee table again, and i have been wanting a 60’s slat table for years.
  5. my husband has pretty much forbidden me from buying anymore rugs, because i typically hate them as soon as i buy them. we have a shabby little target rug in our living room now that we got for my son to tear apart without us having to worry about it. i have been wanting a beni ourain rug for years, but $1000+ is not realistic. i love the west elm version.
  6. i’m big on blankets in the cooler months, and i’ve moved on from my obsession with mexican serapes to bolivian frazadas. they are so pretty.
  7. i’ve also been eyeing linen bedding. i love this parisian blue set.
  8. i’m feeling kinda over my tufted headboard and wishing that we had a neat platform bed with a wood headboard like this honey.
  9. i’ve had the same janky alarm clock for a decade, and i’m so ready for something cooler. i like this little retro clock.
  10. lately i’ve been wishing that i had an actual desk with drawers to keep things in instead of just a work table. i love this vintage looking guy.
  11. i’m really into woven pendant lamps lately, and this handmade bamboo and recycled jersey one is brilliant.
  12. my mom has always done stained glass, so i’m a big fan. i am so in love with these little stained glass feathers.
  13. last is this amazing cast iron tortilla press that can also be used to make tostones. so into it.

the end.


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