how to plan a meal.

how to plan a meal.
meal planning. sigh. i feel like meal planning is an enormous task in every mother’s life, and one that can be daunting if not enigmatic. i am certainly a person who likes lists. often times all that it takes is writing something down for it to be forever committed to my memory. i am also a person who needs quite a bit of structure and routine in their life. and yet, i am terrible at planning meals. horrible at making shopping lists. i mean, i just don’t do it. but lately it’s been getting to me: the constant worry about what i will make for dinner, the sometimes daily trips to the grocery store because i don’t have this or forgot to get that, the scrambling every weekend because i’ve run out of everything. by “getting to me” i mean driving me effing crazy. and so, i am as of now vowing to change my ways.
it’s time to crack open some of the gorgeous cookbooks that i have gathering dust on my shelves and try some new things. my goal is to cook four solid meals a week. allowing for one night of mindless food (such as salad/veggie burgers/frozen pizza), one night of leftovers, and one night of eating out a week. this feels realistic to me. i am going to carve out time every friday during nap time to put together my plan for the following week and make up a shopping list. you’ll have to hold me to this, my friends.
wish me luck.

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