sweater weather.

sweater weather.

well my friends, fall is finally here. the other day i opened up the cabinet that has been child-safety locked for who knows how long and saw my little stash of winter coats sitting there. i have to admit that they haven’t seen the light of day in more than one season. last winter was incredibly mild, but truth be told i have always tended towards sweaters over bulky coats. maybe it’s the california in me, but i am pretty stoked about the new level of sweater/coats coming out these days. here are 10 “coatigans” that will do for autumn, if not winter.

  1. the belted cardigan is the sweater equivalent of a trench coat. highly wearable in any setting. $85 via topshop.
  2. an interior design inspired cardigan is a cool way to go over all black, or to try your hand at mixing prints. jacquard knit cardigan $49.99 via h&m.
  3. lauren manoogian’s capote coat is really THE sweater coat. end all of be alls. i love the new chambray and denim colors. $539 via bona drag.
  4. zara’s cashmere cardigan is a pretty fantastic take on the capote coat, minus the hood. $279 via zara.
  5. i do love a hood, and this gray boucle hooded number from h&m is pretty great. wool blend cardigan $39.99 via h&m.
  6. i love this cozy sweater in bright colors, including my favorite oxblood/annie red. parker cardigan $59 via urban outfitters.
  7. a personal favorite in the sweater world is a belted cardigan from the 70’s. this southwest print one must have been a popular item back then, because it seems to be everywhere. southwest tribal sweater $27 via etsy.
  8. i love the sweater that is made like a coat, and this structured sweater jacket is the jam. $188 via madewell.
  9. another great sweater coat that comes in all the fall neutrals is this oversized sweater jacket: $178 via madewell.
  10. forever 21 has this way cool sweater coat with a collar, $42.

the end. happy fall!


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