september covet.

september covet.

i’ve come to the conclusion once again that september is sorta the best month. you have the last gasp of summer, the early flashes of fall, it’s kinda the best of both worlds. the days are getting shorter but the sun still shines warmly and it’s not quite time to haul out the flannel sheets & coats, but i am phasing out the shorts and sandals. here’s my love list for these late september days.

  1. ever since visiting the amazing parker hotel palm springs my husband has been dreaming of their hammock. this big sur hammock is so pretty, perfect for soaking in the sun while we can.
  2. there are so many cool biography/memoirs coming out this fall, and this biography of joan didion is high on my list of ones to read.
  3. the other day i visited my favorite store: kitkitdizzi in nevada city, and i scored a bottle of cedar & rose fragrance from olo. i can’t get enough of it! it’s my new daily wear, for sure.
  4. i’ve been on a lip stain kick lately. i’m officially ready to get into the burgundy lipstick, and i’m dying to try this ysl glossy lip stain.
  5. i recently saw a documentary that featured an incredible japanese pottery business that’s been in the same family for 8 generations. i really want this amazing clay grill pan that they make.
  6. it’s getting to be time to switch from white to red wine. i have a set of gold rimmed wine glasses that were my grandmothers that i’ve been using for years, but i’m feeling ready for some new ones. i love these savory red wine glasses from houseology.
  7. i have my eye on this pretty auburn wool felt hat from need supply.
  8. i’m crazy about apiece apart’s awesome menswear cotton stripe pieces (especially this tie front shirt), and this little v neck crop top is pretty perfect.
  9. i’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of jeans for fall, and we all know rachel comey’s legion pant is king. the other day i saw yet another knockoff of them, this time compliments of forever 21. at this point, i’m staying out of it. urban outfitters is selling vintage seafarer jeans, which feature the original contrast/raw denim hem. i’m in.
  10. i found a beautiful long green marled cardigan at zara and it is dreamy.
  11. last is, yet again, the object of my obsession: bryr clogs. she decided to come out with the sofie bottie in a shorter heel and in sienna leather for fall, just to break my heart all over again.

the end.

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