my favorite shop.

this week i had the great pleasure of visiting kitkitdizzi in downtown nevada city california. i’ve known the owners for way too many years to say out loud, and my beautiful friend carrie has always been the most aesthetically inclined person i’ve ever known. she is not only the prettiest person that i have ever seen in person, she has an elegance that flows from her fingertips into everything that she touches. after spending many years doing displays for the likes of anthropologie, she finally got those pretty hands on her very own space. she and her best friend kira have created a space that truly represents their combined exquisite style. the shop is minimal yet chalk full of tiny flecks of gold. as much as i think that the word curated is over-used these days, i understand what it means when i walk into kitkitdizzi. every piece in the shop is hand picked by carrie and kira, and there isn’t a thing in the shop that they don’t genuinely adore. hand-crafted labors of love fill their shelves. they carry amazing creations from local artisans like aquarian dawn, juniper ridge, gather jewelry & pickle pottery and all of my favorite things from fat & the moon, serpent and bow, the wild unknown, urban apothecary & ace & jig. believe you me, this shop is worth a trip to the hills.

IMG_5095 IMG_5083 IMG_5072 IMG_5055 IMG_5079 IMG_5061 IMG_5053 IMG_5040 IMG_5034

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