landscaping dreams.

PicMonkey Collage

one of the amazing things about having an actual yard of your own is how much it can change over the years. when i first moved in with my husband the backyard was in a pretty sad state. it’s been countless hours, thousands of dollars and blood, sweat & tears of hard labor to get it into the shape that it’s currently in. lately we’ve been feeling like much of what we have planted has really taken root and taken off, but of course as soon as you get comfortable something is bound to change. in the center of our backyard is an island that was really overrun by an enormous holly bush. it towered over everything and really served as a divider for the yard. over the past few months it’s grown increasingly tattered and finally this weekend my husband declared it dead and chopped it down. what i didn’t realize was just how much it gave us privacy. we have a couple of neighbors whose houses look right into our backyard, and we’re always trying to think of ways to block them out. now that we have this wide open space, the ideas can come.

while i’ve always believed bamboo to be a mistake (because it spreads like wildfire and is highly invasive), you can’t match it’s ability to grow fast, and to grow TALL. i had never thought of growing it in containers to keep it, well, contained. i also love the idea of tall grasses planted in tall containers to give extra height.  and of course a pergola is high on the list of things to do. as summer winds down i’m thinking of all the things we can do before the weather turns nasty. the pictures above are some dreamy ones, plucked from pinterest.

the end.

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