it’s pretty amazing to me when a piece of clothing that is truly unique makes a real impact. typically a designer will come out with something and a trend may trickle down to the population in a somewhat vague form: a style from a time period or silhouette will be copied but it’s not usually as blatant as the case of the rachel comey legion pant. with its wide leg and contrast hem, it’s very identifiable. it was christened¬†THE jean of spring and many, many knock-offs ensued. what’s been amazing is seeing how a smaller designer like rachel comey is influencing not only street style but high fashion as well (hello, valentino!). and THE jean of spring is still rolling into fall, new versions are still coming at us. here are a few:

  1. pull and bear wide leg jeans, $54 via asos.
  2. melanie wide-leg crop by citizens of humanity, $238 via need supply.
  3. moto undone hem culottes, $68 via topshop.
  4. high rise wide leg jeans by steve j & yoni p, $270 via net-a-porter.
  5. contrast hem wide leg jeans by valentino, $990 via matches fashion.
  6. wide jean, $39.95 via h&m.
  7. mad crops wide leg jean, $98 via nastygal.

the end.

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