not-quite-fall covet.

not-quite-fall covet.
i am really tripping on the early fall feeling in the air right now. it’s confusing. because it’s still pretty darn warm out, but the light has this funny crisp-ness to it that is pure fall. my husband says that it’s going to be an early winter, and it definitely feels like fall is coming early. i’m not ready to bust out the pumpkin puree and the boots just yet, but here’s my it’s not fall just yet love list.
  1. first and foremost is this insanely gorgeous fringe sweater from ryan roche. it seems like everyone put out a pony fringe sweater this year, but this has got to be my favorite. it is so beautiful that no one seems to mention that it’s made from organic cotton by a nepalese women’s cooperative for ryan roche’s amaze line. i love it because it reminds me of a cotton sweater that i had in the 80’s that i wore pretty much every day with pink cowboy boots. $572 via bona drag.
  2. i feel like i’ve already gotten ahead of myself with the whole sweater business, because it’s still august for goodness sakes! so let’s jump right over to this crazy cute faux leather t-shirt from zara. i’m a sucker for white leather and this little shirt is buttery soft and t-shirt thin and the perfect not quite crop top length. and i can’t afford that sweater anyhow. $22.90 via zara.
  3. i’m loving all of these little 70’s style wool floppy hats that are coming out everywhere. we’d have to go for an oxblood version to get the full carly simon effect, but i’m not ready to get into the oxblood yet so i’ll stick with my summer black. $29.99 via h&m.
  4. again, not ready for the full oxblood so i’ll dip my toes in with this blue toned red lipstick from ilia for $26.
  5. i love the anticipation of fall, and the anticipation of a new book from patti smith is pretty great too. m train is out october 6, via amazon. i’ll be dreaming of it till then.
  6. i am really into the two t’s at this point in my life: tailoring and trousers. these form pants from smock by mohawk general store in blue chambray are pretty much my dream trousers, i’m so into that ankle length and high waist. $195 via mohawk general store.
  7. one of my favorite things in life is catalan romesco sauce. i haven’t been able to make it in months because my son is deathly afraid of the blender. so my sauces have suffered, but lucky for me i found this little jar of brava sauce at world market the other day and it is bangin. i put it on paella and grilled veggies and of course patatas bravas. $3.99 via world market.
  8. i’ve been immersed in the crazy enormous september issues of all the fashion rags, and i happened upon a sample page of jo malone’s mimosa & cardamom cologne. i mean, obvs jo malone’s colognes are beyond amazing, but i’m pretty crazy about this one. it’s super light and crisp like that almost fall light. $65 via saks.
  9. next up is a vinyl copy of bob dylan’s blonde on blonde. kind of an obvious choice for fall (just look at that cover), but i’ve been hearing it with fresh ears lately and it’s doing me a lot of good. $22 via amazon.
  10. next is a pair of black loafers. i’ve never been much of a loafer girl, but a couple of weeks ago i saw a lady walking wearing cropped black leggings and little black loafers and it clicked in my brain. i get it now. i really want this pair: simple flat from need supply, $48.
  11. do you ever catch yourself in the mirror and say, “yikes”? one morning last week i caught a glimpse of myself in a rearview mirror after a long night and i did a full yikes. i think i need to invest in this ginzing refreshing eye cream from origins. it promises to reduce dark circles, unsightly bags and puffiness. cheers to that. $30 via sephora.
  12. so, i’m kinda the world’s biggest shop-a-holic (clearly), but somehow i never seem to buy myself a wallet. i’ve had the same raggedy old marc jacobs wallet since 2004 and it is looking janky. i love these little leather pouches that are hand crafted in ethiopia. $22 via fashionABLE.
  13. lastly is a cast iron grill pan from good ol’ lodge. it’s pretty much the one kitchen item that i don’t have, and i’m getting why these are so awesome. griddle marks on pancakes, asparagus and all sorta stuff sounds radical to me. $28.95 via west elm.

the end.

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