as i began packing for my vacation i found myself faced with the age old problem of having really nothing to wear. really. nothing. the question of what to pack was met with another question, one that comes to me often when faced with major challenges in life: what would stevie do? while i realize that heading off to spend 4 days in 110 + degree heat doesn’t typically make one think of covering oneself in black chiffon bell sleeves, full skirts, and 15 gold necklaces, it makes perfect sense to me. stevie nicks. the desert. leather and lace, my friends. and so, in answer to the big question, the pieces below proved most obvious.

  1. a sun hat is first and foremost, and i believe lady fair would rock this yestadt mika widebrim sunhat like whoa. on sale for $88.80 via bona drag.
  2. stevie nicks would of course gravitate towards a luxury lifestyle linen kaftan with tasstel tipped draped sleeves and crochet detailing. of course. on sale for $533 via matches fashion.
  3. thee gold dust woman needs these oversized square frame sunglasses from oliver peoples in gold & brown. on sale for $149 via gilt.
  4. this southwestern patterned duffle bag is totes stevie. $39.90 via forever 21.
  5. i realize that layered gold necklaces in crazy heat is just kind of a bad idea, and these dipped semi precious necklaces would likely turn your neck green, but they are just so very stevie. $22 via topshop.
  6. gypsy water hair perfume, for all the sweat and pool water going on. $62 via neiman marcus.
  7. black crochet triangle bikini. but of course. $165 via net-a-porter.
  8. so yes, the black, bell sleeved maxi dress is crucial, but H&M makes this sheer number with open sleeves and back so that you might not pass away in the heat and still look tres stevie. $79.99 via h&m.
  9. this new book on queen stevie is perfect for reading on the plane and by the pool. $21.24 via amazon.
  10. these high waisted denim shorts have the stevie in the 70’s vibe for sure. on sale for $11 via h&m.
  11. lastly are these beautiful lace up leather block heel shoes that capture the whole witchy ballerina vibe perfectly (and are a complete gucci knockoff). $120 via topshop.

the end.


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