10 everyday things.

10 everyday things.

i sometimes think about what things are really essential for me, and when i’m honest there aren’t many. i thought i’d put together a little list of my most used and most loved day to day items.

  1. i have recently become a believer in the complete cruciality of the button down. i tend to agree that there’s not much that is more versatile, functional and comfortable. i love the classic ll bean oxford, and wrinkle free is the way for me because i am terrible about ironing.
  2. i think all girls with hips have rejoiced as high waisted, wide leg denim has steadily increased in popularity. the low rise and super skinny trends of the last decade had me avoiding jeans altogether, lest they be vintage. i am partial to 70’s denim but i have my eye on these topshop cropped jeans.
  3. i’ve been a mary helen bowers devotee for years, but in the last year i have strayed a bit to more extreme workouts. i recently sprained my ankle and went back to ballet beautiful, and i remembered why i have been doing it for so long. it still has my heart, and the blast series is hard core and still do-able with a busted foot.
  4. i had been searching high and low for new sheets, reading up on all types of cotton and thread counts and then one day i found the perfect pair of sheets, on sale at target, of all places. they are the perfect kind of soft, not too slick, not too light and not too heavy.
  5. in a perfect world i would have all the money and be able to buy myself the gorgeous chloe square toed ballet flats. i decided that in the case of these beautiful shoes, i’d have to have a knock-off. i bought these complete rip offs from jessica simpson, and they are easily the most comfortable not sneaker shoes that i own. i wear them almost every day.
  6. i love men’s pajamas, but i can never find a pair that fit right. i’ve been lusting after these j crew vintage pajamas forever, and then i happened upon a pair of them at a thrift store for $3. it was kind of the best day ever.
  7. i recently got myself some bioderma micelle solution, and i can’t believe how wonderful it is. my skin has a new sort of clarity to it, and i love how easy it is to wash my face without having to wash my face. those frenchies really know their shit.
  8. i have been crazy about the wild unknown tarot deck since i first laid eyes on it, but i feel like i am finally really settling into using the deck. i can now shuffle them like a vegas black jack dealer. they are my go-to cards.
  9. this kis essential oils sampler was my introduction to essential oils. i really noticed when i ran out and started using other company’s oils how amazing these oils are. they really are a higher quality. i love the minimal packaging, and the price is so right.
  10. last but not least is liquid eyeliner. i really can’t go without it, and lancome’s artliner is hands down my favorite.

the end.


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