military action.

military action.
the whole military trend seems to come back around every couple of years. my inner punk rock teenager enjoys this, but my real love is not for army fatigues but for crisp pine green, high waisted trousers like those worn by park rangers. as a little girl i used to gaze longingly at the forest service employees in their pressed uniforms and big hats and dream about living in their amazing little cabins. it would be a lonely life, sure, but it’d be worth it. this year the military items are abound, but i’ve been stoked to see some more park ranger-esque looks popping up. here’s 10 or so that i would advise you to wear, without venturing into faux leather or camouflage territory.
  1. when getting into the realm of uniforms it’s important to keep it chic and a little cheeky, and this zip front playsuit from topshop is exactly that. $95.
  2. i personally love a pair of army surplus cargo pants as much as carrie bradshaw, and they are everywhere these days. i found this pair at zara, and they are dreamy. high waisted and wide legged like a pair of park ranger trousers, but soft cotton and army green. $69.90.
  3. the boiler suit or painters suit is all the rage right now, and this isabel marant etoile irox cotton drill boiler suit reigns supreme. it’s on sale for $214 and for tips on how to wear it look no further than the always rad man repeller. aries has this extremely similar cipputi denim version sans tricky attached belt, on sale for $250.
  4. you can of course go all out and commit to the buttoned up uniform vibe, but doing so with a mini skirt is advised. trench style dress $99.90 via zara.
  5. the center of this piece is this incredible ensemble from isa arfen. it’s a perfectly structured stiff cotton tunic over a pair of high waisted trousers in a sublime pine green. button down tunic on sale for $392, wide pantalon on sale for $410 via maryam nassir zadeh.
  6. for the perfect high waisted trousers one has to look no further than YSL circa the 70’s. these pine green pants are everything i ever dreamed of. $65 via etsy.
  7. this utility shirt dress is a dreamy shade of green. $75 via topshop.
  8. if you can’t swing upwards for $200 for thee perfect boiler suit, pixie market has this little number for $75, but you’ll have to actually button it up instead of the handy dandy zipper on the pricier versions, but that’s what you get for the money. i guess it’s a question of how much your time is worth!
  9. if you want to look hecka cool in a rainstorm, i’d suggest this military poncho jacket from urban outfitters. i’d wear it unbuttoned with the hood up, because protecting your hairdo while looking tough and still showing off your otherwise lovely outfit is important. $129.
  10. j. brand has this radical pencil skirt version of the army cargo pant that i looove. $188 via shopbop.
  11. lastly is this crazy perfect insanely adorable trench/dress from rachel comey, which, in case you didn’t catch it, can be worn as either a trench or a dress. because rachel comey is brilliant and thinks of everything. $471 via tenoversix.

the end.


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