summer jams.

summer jams.

i’m not sure how, but suddenly it is august! summer ain’t over yet, and just to prove it here are my top jams to keep summer going well into september.

side a:

  1. i’ve seen enough (cold war kids)
  2. cruel summer (bananarama)
  3. backstreets (bruce springsteen)
  4. all the sand in the sea (devotchka)
  5. all fires (swan lake)
  6. my god is the sun (queens of the stone age)
  7. school’s out (alice cooper)
  8. summertime blues (eddie cochran)
  9. she’s a rainbow (rolling stones)
  10. good vibrations (beach boys)
  11. like ice cream (divine fits)

side b:

  1. summer cannibals (patti smith)
  2. the boys of summer (don henley)
  3. summer of 69 (bryan adams)
  4. that summer feeling (jonathan richman)
  5. charlie don’t surf (the clash)
  6. the sweet sounds of summer (shangri-las)
  7. the summer (coconut records)
  8. summer in siam (the pogues)
  9. sunny afternoon (the kinks)
  10. summertime (billie holiday)
  11. elephant gun (beirut)

happy summer!


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