off the grid.

off the grid.

so, the grid print trend. i don’t know that i’d go so far as to say that grid print is the new plaid (because plaid is still, y’know, plaid). but i do believe it’s here to stay. there are many ways to rock the grid without looking like a wadded up page of graph paper from your high school geometry class. (when i went to high school we used actual paper and wrote with actual pencils. with our actual hands. but i was too busy smoking cigarettes and looking angry to go to geometry class. real cigarettes. not e cigarettes or whatever the kids are huffing these days) here are 10-ish things that i think are way cute. way.

  1. this pretty little wolcott:takemoto linen shift dress is the perfect (thigh concealing) length with the perfect (chicken wing arm concealing) length sleeves for ladies of a certain age. on sale for $94 via anaise.
  2. this high neck swing dress is v v pretty and there’s nothin’ like a short skirt and a high neck! $54 via nordstrom.
  3. i want to tell you to buy these insanely gorgeous bionda castana satin mesh heels from opening ceremony, but you don’t have $700 to spend on shoes. do you? if so, what size are you, and can we be friends? if you, like me, do not have $700 to spend on grid print heels, might i suggest these grid strides black and white pointed pumps for a far more feasible $36? okay then.
  4. this open back shirtdress from madewell is cool. it’s for when you want to appear buttoned up and serious and scholarly to people coming towards you on the street and then want to BLAST THEM WITH A COUPLE INCHES OF BACK (“without revealing your bra”) when they pass you and be like, “i’m cute as shit. shouldda stopped me suckas.” on sale for $89.99.
  5. this pretty keepsake same love jumpsuit is tres chic, but it’s low back will reveal your bra, sorry to tell you. unless you’re one of those tiny little people who don’t need to wear bras. if so, i hate you. just kidding. $174 via pixie market.
  6. next up is the forever 21 outfit that shushed fashion snobs everywhere when fashionista diane kruger rocked it. blouse and gaucho set $45 via F21.
  7. i heart this one piece swimsuit from the marvelous proenza schouler. on sale for $287 via shopbop.
  8. i’m a fan of the statement piece, and this cool boxy coat from topshop is a good way to go. on sale for $79.90 via nordstrom.
  9. our friends at american apparel (they ousted that creepy guy, remember?) have made (in downtown l.a., for a good wage) this cute crossback romper that is in a subtle pink. $58.
  10. sanctuary makes this way great boxy grid print top that they claim you can wear with everything. i tend to agree. on sale for $55.30 via bloomingdales.
  11. i’m throwing in this power trip jumpsuit from c/meo collective. it’s not exactly grid print, but it’s of that vein and i am totally crazy about it. the perfectly darted top and culotte bottoms are almost too much for me to process. $180 via need supply.

the end.


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