i’m not sure if it the in the stars or what, but the last week or so has been really difficult. it’s been an “emotionally heavy” week + and i’m looking forward to the new moon in cancer tomorrow. i am feeling the need for quiet reflection right now, for sure. cleaning out and organizing is still on my mind, but there have been a few things over the last week that have hit me as especially beautiful. here they are.
  1. i’ve been looking for a pair of simple bar stud earrings for months, but haven’t been able to justify a big price tag. i am really in love with this pair of rose gold stick confetti studs from consider the wildflowers, and this little silver pair of medium bar studs from need supply co. i have also been searching high and low for a pretty constellation earring that climbs well. they are difficult to find, but i’m pretty in love with this big dipper earring from etsy, and this crescent climber earring from need supply co. is pretty as well.
  2. i’m really having a shoe dilemma these days. i’ve been dreaming about these black nina sandal clogs from nina z for months. and by dreaming i mean obsessing. i recently discovered that bryr makes a similar shoe, which lead me to discover their sofie bootie, which pretty much killed me dead. they have me looking around my closet wondering what i could sell in order to get the money to buy them.
  3. speaking of items so gorgeous that they make me want to sell my handbag/silver/white blood cells: lauren manoogian has done it to me yet again. i was already crazy about the peg lounger in black, but this new indigo space peg lounger has me loosing sleep. it’s hand knitted in peru and so, so lovely.
  4. i’ve been wanting to get my hands on some charlotte tilbury products because pretty much every famous lady that i find way pretty raves about her stuff. she just put out a line of products that feature photographs by the incredible norman parkinson, and this way great bronze & glow set features one of my favorite photographs ever of one of my favorite models ever: jerry hall. there are no words to tell you how very much i want this.
  5. i’ve been looking for a luminzer because i am on the prowl for beauty products that make my face look shimmery and milky like the moon instead of like a big ol’ irish moonface. hence, i am dyin’ to try this charlotte tilbury wonderglow.
  6. i’ve mentioned it before, but i’m still over the moon for ayurveda apothecary’s oils. this flow balancing perfume oil is everything i could ask for in one pretty little bottle.
  7. i’ve been a stevie nicks nerd since i discovered my mom’s copy of bella donna at the tender age of 5 and immediately decided that she was the most beautiful woman in the entire world. while i’ve pretty much seen and heard it all at this point, i’d love to get this new book by zoe howe.
  8. sometimes i fantasize about being a rich lady who could afford fancy things (see above) and who could afford to have all the really good juices delivered to me every day by pressed juicery. i want to drink them all.

the end.

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