neon golden.

neon golden.

i grew up in the 80’s and i was a teenager in the 90’s, so neon holds a special place in my heart. i clearly recall the day that the rolling stones record dirty work arrived in the mail from the columbia record & tape club. my mom was not yet sure that she wanted to keep it, but seeing the AWESOME neon cover photo i demanded that she did. these days neon has made a comeback, and i see it from high fashion all the way down the food chain to us common folk. here are some ideas for rocking neon without looking like a gawky teenager circa 1986.

accessories. a pop of neon in an accessory is a safe way to go. for example:

  1. these ray ban aviators look like a neon sunset.
  2. neon clogs are the coolest of the cool, like these flo yellow ones from sven clogs, or these pink & yellow cuties from sophia webster.
  3. a pair of neon stilettos are hot stuff, like these white and neon yellow ones from qupid or these neon mint green ones from shoe republic la.
  4. there’s nothing more 80’s rad than this nylon pack gym bag from american apparel.
  5. i’m crazy about these two tone leather pouches from comme des garcons.
  6. how about this tetra iphone case from zero gravity.

makeup. i always smile when i see neon makeup. you can go all out like a robert palmer backup singer or keep it simple with a bright lip.

  1. these color sensational vivid lipsticks from maybelline are pretty hot and good old mac has this hot pink number.
  2. nars has this neon pink blush.
  3. urban decay has this electric pressed pigment eyeshadow pallet that would be really neat to play around with while dancing around the house to duran duran’s rio.
  4. american apparel has a whole bunch of neon nailpolishes, like this one in parakeet.

an accent piece. one piece of bright color can do a lot for an all black or white ensemble.

  1. this waffle knit cardigan from forever 21 comes in neon yellow or pink.
  2. i love the peek-a-boo bra look when the bra is neon yellow like this one from agent provocatuer.
  3. i heart these nothing but neon high waited jeans from go jane.
  4. i’m a huge fan of the neon swimsuit. especially this gorgeous estrada cut out suit from mara hoffman. and j. crew just put out a whole gaggle of neon swimwear, like this underwire one piece in 3 shades of neon.

go all the way with a dress or romper.

  1. this electric poppy red dress from lovers & friends is hotsy totsy and features the angelina jolie peek-a-boo leg so you can do that pose all night long.
  2. this surplice romper in neon yellow from fashion union is way smart.
  3. topshop has this scallop lace orange dress featuring neat-o straps.
  4. this little neon pink skater dress from d.RA is real, real cute.
  5. this neon green lace tent dress harkens back to the 60’s. now that’s vintage neon.
  6. h&m has this cute little neon yellow short sleeved lace dress.
  7. pixie market has this midi skirt and crop top set that is totes adorbs.
  8. last is this neon rose romper with sheer sleeves from asos.

happy neon-ing.

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