10 white jumpsuits for summer.

10 white jumpsuits for summer.
jumpsuits are kind of my favorite thing ever. i love the simplicity, and the diversity of a jumpsuit. they are playful yet sophisticated, childlike yet sexy, and comfortable yet chic. you can easily dress up or down a jumpsuit, and the white jumpsuit is a perfect example of this. i’m seeing them pop up in different styles lately, so here are 10 highly cute ones for every budget this summer.
  1. i’m a bit obsessed with this rachel comey buxton jumpsuit. it’s denim and has so many brilliant details like square seams and welt waist pockets. $426 via need supply.
  2. this keaton jumpsuit from elizabeth suzann is equally brilliant (did i mention it’s reversible?).  $325.
  3. this belted textured woven jumpsuit from forever 21 is super smart and only $29.
  4. this high neck jumpsuit is a little bit 70’s with wide legs and a tailored waist and the high neck is a little bit nautical. these are a few of my favorite things. $110 from topshop.
  5. this white crochet culotte jumpsuit is so on point and the keyhole lace paneling is gorgeous. $72 via pixie market.
  6. another culotte jumpsuit with pretty delicate chain straps. $115 from topshop.
  7. nothing like the real thing with this vintage 70’s high waisted, wide legged number. $78 via etsy.
  8. this white wrap jumpsuit is like an incredibly pretty pair of work coveralls. $96 from pixie market.
  9. this linen jumpsuit from ilana kohn was all the rage this spring in indigo, but i love the white version. $276 via steven alan.
  10. this denim cutout jumpsuit has sort of a 1930’s meets 1970’s vibe, which is what i am all about these days.  $91 via asos.

the end.

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