20 things for summertime.


oh how i love summer. i think that the wacky weather has me appreciating summer even more this year, i am cherishing the hot days when they come around. here is my hit list for the months ahead.

  1. i’m still fawning over the jesse kamm sailor pant and feeling pretty stoked whenever i see white high waisted palazzo pants or culottes popping up. topshop put out this ensemble that, in my opinion, kills it. i am so into the matching pants and crop top or “twosie” trend that is happening right now. and all white all the time, i say.
  2. my other favorite current trend is the “safety orange” or poppy/coral/orangey 1970’s red that is all over. i can’t get enough of it. my wishlist is made up mostly of items in varying shades of it, like these vintage ysl sunglasses.
  3. i am crazy about these earrings which look like little constellations on your earlobes.
  4. nothing cuter than a neon yellow bra. to quote carrie bradshaw, “sister, day-glo underwear, look into it.”
  5. i’m also really happy about this whole granny panty trend. i’ve been collecting high waisted, girdle style underpants from thrift stores for years. good to know that i no longer have to buy used underwear. lonely has come out with all of these gorgeous and somehow sexy versions, and this one just so happens to be in my fave neon poppy color.
  6. i somewhat jokingly bought this sun visor from h&m, thinking that i wanted something that wouldn’t blow away in the wind while i was gardening, and something i could wear with my hair in a top knot while swimming to keep the harsh sun from finally succeeding at turning my face into one giant, face eclipsing freckle. welp, it turns out i’m kind of in love with it, and i only slightly resemble an old korean lady while wearing it.
  7. every year i plant dahlias, and every year they fully die and never, ever return, despite martha stewart’s know-it-all-“it’s easy!” instructions. this doesn’t stop me from loving them, whole-heartedly. dinner plate dahlias are honestly dreamy.
  8. about 10 years ago my mom bought me the aquarian tarot deck. i recently pulled it out and i am so in love with it. the colors and art deco imagery are so beautiful and so 1970’s.
  9. i’ve been dreaming about these neon orange/poppy clogs from bryr clogs for the last year or so, and wishing that i had the money for them. lucky for me old navy just put out these knockoffs for $28. i’m all over it.
  10. so, i am crazy for samples. i will try anything. i break up my sephora orders into separate orders so that i can get extra samples. they put out this sun safety kit that has 16 sample size bottles of all kinds of fancy sunscreen and dark spot erasers and bb and cc creams. i’m so into it. gimme all the samples.
  11. i’m really into one piece bathing suits these days, and i keep coming back to this gorgeous metallic colorblock one from j. crew. but they also have it in a bikini, and it’s a french bikini, which is like being in a godard film in the 60’s. and who doesn’t want to feel a little bit like brigitte bardot?
  12. i totes want to try this new rose deodorant from dr. hauschka. i’m all for rose scented sweat.
  13. i’ve been drinking a LOT more water lately, and despite having to pee constantly, i feel better because of it. i love this water bottle that has the constellations on it.
  14. i’m all about french skincare schtuff, and pretty much every model and beauty editor swears by bioderma non-rinse cleanser.
  15. i recently bought this velvet matte lip pencil from nars in my favorite poppy orange red color (red square) and it’s my new favorite thing. it stays on forever and is light and basically perfect.
  16. i am so so wishing to get my hands on the pitta or vata balancing oils from ayurveda apothecary. so lovely.
  17. probably my favorite thing to do in the summer is sit in the sun and read magazines. in the ipad age i was starting to worry that magazines were on their way out, but i’m so happy about this wave of indie magazines that have come out. i’d love to have tiny atlas and of course lula magazine.
  18. grapes! i pretty much go on an all grape diet in the summer. i love sticking them in the freezer, frozen grapes are the bees knees.
  19. here is a pretty chair to sit on in the yard and read magazines.
  20. lastly is a pair of semi-attractive shoes to wear while gardening. i think i’ve found them at last.

the end. happy summer.

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