new moon, new season.

Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

new moons have always been significant to me. i tend to think of the new moon each month as a new beginning, and whatever sign it falls in sets the tone for the month ahead. strangely my cycle tends to follow the new moon almost exactly. it’s a mystery to me, but every month i find myself relieved at the end of pms and feeling lighter just as the new moon arrives. as a teenager i was told to “send out my wishes” at the new moon, and i do always find myself wanting to re-group and thinking about goals or things i want to accomplish at the new moon. this week the new moon came, and this weekend brings the official beginning of summer with the summer solstice. here are the things i’m thinking about for the month(s) ahead.

  1. last winter i went through a process of cleaning out cabinets and closets and trying to get organized. i hauled seemingly endless boxes and bags to the goodwill. i vowed to live a simpler life. and yet, here i am feeling like the “stuff” is everywhere and like i can’t find anything. in reading the life changing magic of tidying up, i found the idea that you must clean your entire house out before you organize (or you will not really be or stay organized) sort of impossible. trying to pull everything out of every cabinet & closet and drawer in the house with a toddler running wild is just a bad idea. but i have found this statement to be correct, trying to clean out and then organize one space at a time hasn’t worked out. so, i feel like i got rid of most of what i needed to, now i need to really get organized with what i have. here’s hoping.
  2. i very recently started meditating again. i can’t say enough about tara brach and how much her books and meditations have helped me. her work is so powerful that it’s sort of crazy to me. i hope to do at least 15 minutes of meditation a day, it has such a huge affect on my mood.
  3. last year my husband bought me the cutest little white bicycle and a couple of weeks ago we finally got out for a family bike ride. i love that we live in a quiet enough neighborhood that we can ride around and look out at the bay. i want to do this on the regular.
  4. i haven’t had an actual vacation in about 2 years. i have been dreaming about it non-stop and now somehow my ultimate dream vacation is coming true: in august we are going to spend a few days in palm springs with my favorite people ever. i can’t even describe how excited i am, and if i try my actual brain will probably explode.
  5. my husband was recently talking about throwing out all of his old underwear and starting over, and it sounded kinda like the best idea ever. i am a firm believer in the idea that you can’t feel pretty if you are wearing ugly underwear, and i need to get some pretty shit pronto. i really love h&m’s bras, and these honeydew hipsters are the cutest and most comfortable things.
  6. lately i’ve been eating a lot better and drinking a lot less, and it’s amazing how much better i feel. i have been reading a lot about ayurvedic body types and thinking about the blood type diet and noticing how much better i feel when i eat along those lines. i have tried about a million different diets, but i definitely notice that as i get older, there are really clear foods that work for me and ones that don’t and always haven’t. hopefully i will keep up the good eating in the months to come.
  7. when my husband and i decided to get married last year, i didn’t realize that it would set off this crazy wedding trend that would spread throughout my entire world. i feel like everybody i know has gotten married or is getting married this year, and it pretty much is everyone. my own wedding and all of the others has had me making and baking like crazy, and i have loved it. i find that i really need some sort of creative outlet, even if it is baking or cooking. making wedding favors and cakes and gifts has been really fun. i am excited to do more over the next few months.
  8. saving more money has been on my mind lately, and a lot is wrapped up with that. i find that i really need to take time each week to plan meals, make shopping lists, and break up my trips to the store so that i’m not scrambling to find something to make for dinner, or running to the store every day, and throwing out too much rotten food. i am going to start with trying to save more on groceries, and then try to tackle my clothes shopping habits. that could take a while.
  9. i’ve been carving out a little time each week to work in the yard. even a half hour pulling weeds or sweeping up the patio does me a world of good. having a real yard and garden is one of my favorite things in life.
  10. i am definitely at the age where my skin is becoming real important to me. i have been pretty bad about using sunscreen and covering up when i am out in the sun. i’m making an effort to remember to slather on the spf and pull out the floppy hat every day this summer. i have more than enough freckles!

happy summer solstice.


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