sample girl.

sample girl.

i have reached the age where i will try anything as far as skin or hair products go. it’s a level of desperation that hits when you suddenly realize that all of those old ladies that lectured you about sunscreen were right and that all of those jars and bottles and creams at the counter where you buy your red lipstick and liquid liner are actually super duper important. it can be overwhelming, trying to find the fountain of youth and the cure for cellulite, crows feet and all of the other C WORDS (collagen and cold plasma? chardonnay and camel lights?) i am crazy for samples, can’t get enough of them. here are the latest ones that i have tried.

  1. lancome visionaire advanced skin corrector. i tried this one a couple of times hoping that the results would be different but it made my face break out. it was also heavy and sort of oily. no go.
  2. benefit pore-fessional. i was pretty surprised by this stuff, it actually does hide pores. it goes on a little slick but isn’t overly heavy. it’s a little like having a soft focus effect on your skin, it blurs the pores. at $31 it’s not bad.
  3. benefit puff-off. i have actual garbage bags under my eyes most of the time and nothing ever seems to work, but this stuff honestly does work. immediately it tingles & cools and the bags and lines under my eyes were pretty much gone.  it’s pricey at $29 but it really does the trick.
  4. phyto secret de nuit intense hydration night creme. i want to marry this stuff. forever and ever, i do. i was this close to cutting off about 4 inches of death from my hair, but a few drops of this stuff and my hair looked better than it had in years. shiny and bouncy and healthy and alive again. it’s a miracle.
  5. clinique smart custom repair serum. i was beyond skeptical when i saw this stuff, because it claims to “know what your skin needs.” well, it is a mystery of modern science or the lord above because it truly does know. my skin looked radiant, hydrated, and it took care of my weird red/ruddiness the first time that i used it. i am full on sold on this stuff.
  6. shiseido glow enhancing primer. i was hoping that this primer would do what it said: enhance my glow. but i didn’t see much difference and it felt heavy and slick on my skin.
  7.   verso super facial serum. i was so stoked to get a sample of this stuff because it is so froo-froo but honestly, i wasn’t impressed. i saw very little difference with it. the clinique smart custom serum blows it away for 1/2 the price.
  8. estee lauder micro essence. i may have had a different expectation for this one than i should have. because it is liquid, i was expecting it to tone my skin but after using it my skin was still red and blotchy. i didn’t notice much difference in the texture of my skin either. no go for this one too.

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