my favorite summer recipes.

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well it happened. we are into 90 degree days and just like that! summer is here. i am tending towards cooler recipes, and trying to do more than just salad every night. these are our favorites in the hot hot heat.

  1. fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. this is one that i could eat most days. it’s light and the peanut sauce is not overly sweet or salty.
  2. chard and black bean tacos with zucchini salsa from love and lemons. i love sneaking greens in by using chard, it’s really mild and works great with mexican spices. these tacos are super good.
  3. when i do actually use the oven it is typically to make these southwest quinoa stuffed peppers. they are my husband’s favorite, and my baby is oddly obsessed with bell peppers. go figure.
  4. all hail the bowl, and this spiralized sushi bowl is pretty awesome. i love the idea of using daikon radish instead of white sushi rice. i typically use nutrition stripped’s dressing instead of the miso sauce for a sushi bowl to avoid soy.
  5. zucchini noodles with pistachio kale pesto and cherries. zucchini rules the roost in summer, and zoodles are a funny thing. my husband doesn’t like them, but i like em in summer cause they are cool. this pistachio kale pesto from edible perspective is pretty great, and the tart cherries really set it off.
  6. veggie burrito bowl with avocado lime crema. i tend to chop up some red leaf lettuce & purple cabbage, add black beans with cumin, chopped tomato & onion & add some olives and scallions and top with avocado lime crema and it’s a great dinner. you can also add rice or a grain, but i like to keep it light on hot days.
  7. a heartier take on the burrito bowl is this southwestern kale power salad from cookie + kate. it’s got quinoa and sweet potatoes and a similar cilantro lime avocado sauce which is rad for summer.
  8. every summer i crave my mama’s pasta salad. this recipe from vikalinka comes really close and can easily be vegan and gluten free with gluten free pasta.
  9. i love this spicy black bean & lime quinoa salad. it’s really great for hot days.
  10. last and probably most favorite is vegan sushi. we could pretty much eat it every day in our house.

the end.

2 thoughts on “my favorite summer recipes.

    • actuallyjessica says:

      I agree, Chard is so delicious and can be used in pretty much any dish!
      Vegan sushi isn’t as hard as it looks, and not too messy either, it’s just a little time consuming. But worth it!

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