summer outfitting

summer outfitting

all of my complaining must have rattled the weather gods because today it finally feels like summer. you’re welcome. i am of course ready to throw out my cold weather wardrobe and get all the cute shit for summer. here are my dreamiest summer items that i cannot afford and some cheaper alternatives.

  1. this denim shell tank from samantha pleet is so adorable, and going like hot cakes at $129. over at pixie market there is this similar denim ruffled crop top for $52. it’s not a dead ringer, but it’s cute as pie.
  2. how gorgeous are these whiskey colored wedges from rachel comey? at $448 they are nearly sold out, but zara has these pretty whiskey wedges for $99.90.
  3. this casa blanca palm hat from madewell is so amazing. it’s just about sold out at $52, but target has this wide brimmed fedora for $14.99.
  4. the center of this outfit (and of my world for the last few months) is the famed sailor pant from jesse kamm. running between $345-$425 they are sold out almost everywhere. i found these high waisted culotte pants from asos for $69.
  5. last is this gorgeous leather tote bag from baggu for $160. forever 21 has this knock-off (along with the real baggu bag for sale on their website) for $13.99.

the end.


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