these are a few of my favorite things.

IMG_4645 IMG_4660


IMG_4641 IMG_4678 IMG_4689

IMG_4695 IMG_4617 (1)


  1. my husband bought this angel’s trumpet plant for mothers day last year, and when he brought it home it was a sad little stick of a thing. it is now an absolute monster, and the flowers put off the most incredible smell every evening.
  2. my bff talked me in to gel nailpolish. i am one of the only people in the world who doesn’t like getting manicures and especially pedicures. i also have a toddler, no dishwasher, and i garden, so my nails never look nice. but i gotta say, this gel stuff is pretty amazing. my goth chick nails are holding up pretty well.
  3. i found this photo of myself from about 5 years ago today and it rekindled my desire for bangs. i’m thinking about bringing them back.
  4. i can’t resist baby boy vintage overalls. it’s getting a little out of hand, but i can’t help it. my bub looks so adorable in them.
  5. i’ve been trying to cut back on coffee, so i love this little j mug. it’s much smaller than my usual bowl sized coffee cup, and even though i refill it a few times i still feel like i am drinking less.
  6. i have essential oils going most of the time. i use lavender and chamomile at nap and bed times, but this morning my baby decided to wake up at 2:30am. for the day. so i put on a few drops each of eucalyptus, sweet orange, peppermint, clary sage & palo santo and it made me feel like way, way less of a zombie.
  7. i’ve been waiting for a linen jumpsuit like this one, or this one, or this one, or this one (i could go on) to trickle down to us poor folk via some average joe retailer for the last year. thus far, nothing has come out. except for this romper from urban outfitters, which i bought and practically lived in during the strange heat wave we have early spring. i plan on living in it again if the weather ever cooperates. i love it so much i wanna marry it, even though i wish it were a full on jumpsuit.
  8. i’ve been making ritual candles lately and i really love doing it. the candle part is a bit messy, but i love doing the drawings based on my favorite tarot decks.
  9. lastly i finally got around to trying this recipe for smashed potatoes with avocado aioli last night, and it was sooo yummy. definitely moving this one into the weekly rotation.

the end.

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