vacation dreaming: mexico.

vacation dreaming: is allegedly summer but the weather here would have you believe otherwise. it has been cool, overcast and downright windy, which is of course the worst. and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. sigh. i am therefore immersing myself in full on summer vacation fantasy dreamland.
first stop is mexico. mexico, mexico, mexico. i’m still dreaming of a trip to stay at aurinko bungalows in sayulita, mexico. i want to drown my sorrows in margaritas and tacos and sandy beaches. here is my packing list for said trip.
  1. a serape weekender bag is totes appropes. i see them in froo froo shops for big bucks all the time, but you can find them on the cheap on good old ebay. a frida kahlo shopping bag is a good idea for all the rad little items you will surely pick up.  i heart this little raffia clutch for holding your pesos.
  2. mexico is of course about the beach and this mexico beach towel is cute as pie. this crochet bikini from modcloth is amazing. these straw hats from ikea of all places are adorable and only $3. i love these gold aviator sunglasses from h&m for $8. this book on art & architecture in mexico is great for beach lounging.
  3. this gorgeous tysa san miguel wanderlust dress is perfect for day and night and these lila rice crescent hoops are just the way to dress it up. these beautiful handmade cholas from ricardo medina are perfect for walking around town.
  4. every vacay needs a good camera, so, why not a leica? this one is sorta almost affordable.
  5. you will of course need a good fake tan to get things going, and i love this fat & the moon aloe lotion for after sun. this color protect spray is good sun shield for your hair.
  6. de la rosa marzipan candies are my favorite, and some aloe water is good for hydration and also a good idea because, you know. it’s mexico.

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