cult of kamali.

Kamali Obsession

i’m currently a bit obsessed with normal kamali. i find myself trolling the internet and sifting through endless racks at thrift stores praying that some poor sap will bestow me with the gift of norma at the nice price. alas, i have had no luck. i find norma kamali’s pieces, particularly those from the 80’s, to be quite genius. she is perhaps best known for designing the iconic red one piece swimsuit that farrah faucet sported in the charlie’s angels poster. but she is also responsible for such amazing things as popularizing the shoulder pad, making a sleeping bag jacket and being the first designer to have an online store on ebay. her work was so avant garde yet always, somehow, lovely. she was sort of david bowie meets 50’s dior. her rounded, puff sleeves on sweaters, pockets shaped like fins on jumpers and jumpsuits, hooded dresses, suit blazers and coats were beyond brilliant. and did i mention jumpsuits? she was the queen. her construction was flawless. pictured above are just a few of the amazing pieces currently on sale via etsy and ebay, none of them at the nice price.


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