these are a few of my favorite things.

i’m feeling a little sluggish today. it’s been downright hot weather here for the past few weeks, and i’ve gotten used to it just in time for cooler weather to come back. i realize that i deserve to be smacked for complaining about high 60’s/low 70’s weather, but there you have it: i’m complaining. my son is going through a “sleep regression” right now which is basically torture for all of us. his sleep is erratic at best and his moods are all over the place. i am exhausted. here are the good things in my life this week.

  1. as much as we love our chemex, there is something to be said for waking up to already brewed coffee. especially when you have been up all night with a bi-polar baby. my husband got me this amazing japanese coffee maker and it is the literal and actual jam. it has a magical timer that keeps you from trying to fumble with boiling water and measuring coffee grounds before you’ve had your coffee, is whisper quiet and basically rules the roost around here.
  2. tarot has been in my life as long as i can remember. my mom used to give readings out of our living room when i was a baby and held weekly tarot groups at our house for most of my childhood. i haven’t been doing it much in the past few years, but i discovered the wild unknown tarot deck a few months ago and it has really gotten me back into it. lately i have been loving kim krans’ blog, her insights are so bang on.
  3. we watched the documentary fed up last week and my husband and i were both inspired by it. i’ve done my best to avoid sugar for the past 10 years, but it is really easy to fall into the trap of eating bad food, even when it is labeled as healthy. seeing the documentary reminded me how important it is to cook my own food, and to be consistent with feeding my son healthy foods without sugar in them.
  4. i used to think that it was difficult to make things from scratch like sauces, until i tried it. last night i busted out this recipe for bbq lentils with millet polenta and tried out some homemade barbecue sauce and it was AMAZING. no sugar needed.
  5. i’ve been playing a lot of punk records from my teen years to try to get through the mornings lately. it’s hilarious how surprisingly upbeat and catchy records like black flag’s my war and bad religion’s how could hell be any worse are. seeing my son dance around to them is pretty much the best, and his fave rave is x’s wild gift. he has excellent taste, clearly.
  6. we recently discovered marc maron and i’m mildly obsessed with him. it’s just every episode of a tv show and, y’know, a podcast, and a little social media stalking. nothing serious. it might be that he looks, sounds and acts like an exact cross between every guy that i was mixed up with in strange, fairly sadistic and extremely painful not quite relationships throughout my 20’s and into my 30’s. it might be that. but he’s a part of me, somehow.
  7. i heart david scoroposki’s weekly forecasts on the cut, which combine my two passions: astrology and GIFs.
  8. i just ordered this amazing dip dyed dress and i’m so excited about it. i love this time, when i’ve bought something but have not yet received it and can just fantasize about how beautiful it is before i get it and feel disappointed by its mediocre quality and teenage stick figure centric construction and find myself consumed with self-loathing over my lumpy mom body. this is a wonderful time.
  9. i’m really into celebrity workouts. i’ve tried them all because, i want to have shakira’s abs and beyonce’s booty and alexa chung’s thigh gap. never mind the fact that i don’t ALSO dance for 5 hours a day in 4 inch heels and subsist on liquified air, i still want to feel like i am accomplishing fabulousness while i am sweating out my pent up rage. my latest craze is anna kaiser, trainer to sarah jessica parker & kelly ripa. the first time that i did one of her workouts i was pretty sure that i was having a heart attack. pretty sure. but i have been doing her happy hour workout (which is actually an hour and a half) for about a month and i am happy to report to you that i can actually do it now, all the way through, without collapsing into the fetal position and seeing actual stars and white light like i am passing away. while it has not morphed me into a 4’9″, 95 pound bean pole o’ ripped muscle, it has made me feel pretty tough.
  10. i do believe peony season is here at last. it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

the end.


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