mother’s day gifts.

mothers day
well my friends, the big day is upon us. here are a few of my favorite things for mamas this year.
  1. new bedding is at the top of my list this year. i recently read this article in real simple about how to choose bed sheets and i am now on the hunt for the perfect set.  i am looking out for some dreamy indigo sheets, and these tommy hilfiger ones are nice, sadly these beauties from west elm are no longer available, and the swanky john robshaw ones are too pricey (even on sale). i have been wanting to try my hand at indigo dying myself, which leads me to my next gift.
  2. this natural indigo dying kit from general store looks awesome, and comes in a pretty box to boot.
  3. i’ve been on a pickling kick for a while now, and i love this little canning discovery kit.
  4. speaking of linens and kitchen stuff, these constellation linen napkins are adorable. i also love this gemstone magnet set.
  5. personally i like the standard gift of flowers, and i am super stoked that there is finally an alternative to the typical method of sending them (which is like a really expensive and typically disappointing crap shoot). bloomnation is a rad website that has rad flowers by rad flower shops that are not janky carnations and oddly colored, semi-wilting mums and daisies in weird, unusable oversized coffee cup or fruit shaped vases. amen.
  6. hows about a t-shirt to declare mama’s mama-ness to the world? i heart this mountain mama t, and this mother bird shirt is totes cool as well.
  7. i also way love receiving plants as gifts. currently i’m wanting a split leaf philodendron, and i love these beautiful two tone pots from crate & barrel. or you could two tone your own, if you’re crafty.
  8. these olo fragrances are a blend of coconut oil, essential oils, key accords and absolutes (whatever that means), and they have awesome ones like palo santo, violet/leather and dark wave. so into it.
  9. i just picked up a little jar of glamglow’s youthmud, and i super duper love it. my skin is v v soft and way less blahzay. glamglow has this cute facial kit that would be awesome to receive.
  10. pretty much over the moon for all things consider the wildflowers, especially her brilliant stump cuff rings and this half moon necklace. her pieces are way gorgeous and they also won’t break the bank.
  11. i love my new roots, her plant based recipes and photos are inspired and the cookbook looks lovely.
  12. i’ve mentioned the life-changing magic of tidying up before, but a re-read seems in order for spring. what mom wouldn’t like to clear out a lil’ clutter, eh?
  13. these pretty candles have plantable packaging that grows into pretty flowers. catalan calendula is the one for me.

the end.


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