we’ve been beyond blessed with gorgeous weather for, well, way too long here in the bay area. yesterday a bit of a storm moved in, and we’re expected to get some real, actual rain tomorrow. i’m ashamed to admit that this already has me pining for 70-80 degree weather. i can’t get enough of it. here’s my lust list of late.

  1. one of my recent obsessions has been mid-century (surprise there, i know!) rattan hoop chairs. i’ve been searching high and low for an affordable version but haven’t had much luck. ikea had a version last year but they’ve already put it to bed. so, until the furniture gods smile upon me, i’ll continue dreaming of them.
  2. we’ve been getting out in the yard and pulling endless weeds lately, and i’ve torn through so many pairs of gloves i can’t count them. i love these sturdy goatskin gloves.
  3. my poor battered hands could also use this crabtree & evelyn gardeners lotion.
  4. the baby has been loving being outside in the yard with us, and i heart these little mini john deere gardening tools.
  5. laying out in the sun is one of my favorite things to do, although i keep the spf 50 handy and hide my face. i love this little floppy straw hat from forever 21.
  6. my martinique banana leaf print obsession is still going strong, and i was totally bummed to learn that none other than target put out a banana leaf print bikini last year, right under my nose! i am hoping that they bring it back this year, particularly because i can’t afford this amazing mara hoffman suit.
  7. i’ve been trying to get my faux tan looking somewhat good, but boy would i love a bottle of nars body glow so that i can look like i am encrusted in gold.
  8. a good book is crucial for sun lounging, and my guy just bought me sophia amoruso’s #girlboss. i’m excited to read it, because boy do i wish that my crappy ebay store would turn into a multi million dollar clothing empire.
  9. speaking of books, my favorite artist right now is kim krans (creator of the wild unknown tarot deck) and she has this beautiful children’s book out called hello sacred life. my son is obsessed with books and demands i read every book that he owns to him about 5 times a day, and i’d love this one for him.
  10. all of the sweating in the yard has me wishing for a deodorant that actually works without being creepy. word on the street is that this fat & the moon creme is the real deal.
  11. i’ve been drinking lots of tea lately, and i’ve been looking everywhere for a turmeric tea that i don’t have to make up myself from scratch. this one looks really good.
  12. here is my big dilemma right now, dear reader: a couple of weeks ago i went into sephora without a thing on my face. i sampled a few things and left, and went home to find that my skin was the most magically glowing that it had literally ever been. now i am desperately trying to recall what exactly i slathered on that fateful day. i have a hunch that it was lancome’s visionaire, but i can’t say for sure. now i am stuck having to keep going back to sephora to try one thing at a time until i find that holy grail of products!

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