vanity redux.

vanity redux.

this year i decided to majorly overhaul my beauty routine. it’s a lot to do with my increasing age, and after having a baby and rounding the bases on 35, i felt the need to step up my game. here are my new fave raves.

skin: i decided to try some products to help my skin tone. i went for estee lauder enlighten because i heard it referred to as “forgiveness in a jar.” i bought a kit that has the dark spot correcting night serum, even skintone day creme and came with an eye cream and cleanser as well. while it hasn’t done much for my skin tone, i have noticed that my skin texture is way better, and it is a miracle on acne scars. the eye creme has done nothing of note. i highly recommend the night serum but wouldn’t bother with the rest. i still find holika holika the miracle to be the most effective thing for toning down pesky freckles and dark spots. i had resigned myself to what seems to be the now accepted truth that nothin’ can be done to cure dark circles or cellulite, but i have found a little hope. for my dark circles i use goldfaden md bight eyes dark circle radiance complex, and it immediately, really makes a difference. it’s the only thing that i have found that does. for cellulite i still use nivea and bliss’ fat girl slim, and they help a bit but still don’t kill the beast. mostly i just cry and hide my thighs.

makeup: in my fight against dark circles i finally broke down & bought ysl’s touche eclat highlighter/concealer and ladies, believe the hype. it must be made from the blood of tiny french children or something. i’ve been using tarte’s the sculptor contouring face slenderizer for my contouring needs and i like it, it’s so easy to use. i came across lancome’s artliner by accident, and i feel like shouting from the rooftops that i finally found a good eyeliner. the applicator is so easy to use and makes a precise line easy to do. it’s my favorite thing ever. i’m also on the fuller eyebrow train and i found the one benefit product that i actually like: gimme brow. it fills in brows without making you look like you have scary caterpillar eyebrows. for lips i am obsessed with these little marc jacobs kiss pop lipsticks. they are matte and don’t bleed and there’s so many cute colors. i also love this little $6 lip stain from tonymoly. i recently started using makeup brushes and i can’t believe what a difference it makes. i have this $6 kabuki face brush and i love it, it really gives you an airbrushed look. i also bought a beauty blender, and it’s awesome for everyday foundation application or for blending in whilst contouring. i love the egg shape because the tip is great for application around small areas.

hair: after vowing to never cut my hair again i knew i’d have to give up highlights and work on stronger hair. after reading that every single model and pretty much every celebrity takes viviscal i decided to try it. to quote gwenyth paltrow “it beyond works.” i noticed a difference in the amount of hair that i shed right away, and my hair has totally grown. i also stopped washing my hair (wha?!) and starting “co-washing” or conditioning only. i use this $7 cleansing conditioner from l’oreal and i love it. my hair is fuller and not dried out and i don’t miss shampoo at all. i also re-discovered davines momo anti-frizz serum and i am so happy that it’s back in my life. it makes my hair so much less wild and it’s perfect if you are a wash and go type. which i am. lastly i bought bumble & bumble’s tint of brown hair powder and i love it for those days when my roots are starting to bust out and i don’t want to dye ’em.

that’s all folks!

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