21 love songs

21 love songs
in honor of valentine’s day i made a little playlist that includes 21 of my favorite “love” songs so that you may dance the night away with your sweetheart.
  1. sign of your love (the veils). a dreamy, pensive opener from one of my favorite current bands.
  2. book of love (fleetwood mac). melodic remedy for what ails you and that incredible harmonizing from lindsey buckingham and his ladies.
  3. to love somebody (nina simone). this is probably my favorite nina simone song. it’s the only one that i know of that features girl group style back up singers.
  4. love buzz (nirvana). i appreciate kurt cobain’s wit (and especially his voice) in such a huge way when i hear this song.
  5. words of love (buddy holly). a little something sweet.
  6. 100 other lovers (devotchka). nothing more romantic than a polka.
  7. lengths of love (interpol). lengths and lengths and lengths and lengths.
  8. i let love in (nick cave). just one of the many songs that showcases exactly why nick cave evokes a whole hearted swoon from all kinds of ladies.
  9. black hearted love (pj harvey & john parish). not the obvious choice for a love song from polly harvey, but i consider this song to be a bit of a hidden gem. and it’s highly romantic.
  10. some kinda love (velvet underground). and no kinds of love are better than others.
  11. strangelove (depeche mode). one for the goth teenager in us all.
  12. love vigilantes (new order). kind of a perfect song.
  13. modern love (david bowie). never gonna fall for!
  14. lover’s rock (the clash). joe strummer was kinda the dreamiest dude ever. kinda.
  15. love henry (bob dylan). for my love, henry.
  16. love will tear us apart (joy division). please. only the best.
  17. love in a trashcan (the raveonettes). my guy told me about this song. and it is rad.
  18. love my way (psychedelic furs). for the 80’s teenager in us all.
  19. loving cup (rolling stones). just one of the greats from one of the great albums from one of the greats!
  20. fall in love with me (iggy pop). i love a man who suggests outfits in a love song. or maybe your plastic raincoat.
  21. sea of love (tom waits). a classic sung from the bottom of a bottle of cheap champagne. we’ll end it on that.

the end.


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